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My testimony

I went to church as a kid until my dad passed away when I was eight years old. Then I quit going to church and my mom and I moved to her home town. My mom and I quit going to church for a few years. Then, at the age of 15, I asked my grandpa if I could go to church with him and he said yes. But I wasn't saved yet. I went to church for a few months and then my nephew, who is also my age, told me about the Sinner's Prayer. But I thought that was something only bad people would say. But then one summer night that same year I was on the internet looking up the Sinner's Prayer and I said it. I thought that all my problems would go away, but they didn't. Not long after I became a Christian my grandma died. I remember being angry with God. I remember I got the news that my grandma was put on life support the week of Christmas 1999. And that same night I went home slammed my front door and yelled at God for doing that to me. For the longest time after that I couldn't feel God. I couldn't tell if God was listing to me or not. When I would pray I would say "My God, My God, Why have you forsaken me? Why don't you listen?" I felt like God wasn't there anymore. But after that I grew up angry on the inside. But God never gave up on me. He always loved me and still does. Then one summer I was sitting on my couch and I caught myself slipping from the Lord. I said to myself "How can I get back into it really heavy again?" Then I heard a bang and looked outside and the fireworks were going off and God spoke to me and said: "You see those fireworks and you see how they are beautiful to you? Well you are beautiful to me." I always thought that my actions had hurt God but God spoke to me one and said "You cant hurt me remember I am LOVE." Over the years even when I felt like I have been slipping from God, Gods radical bottomless, unending amazing love HE always draws me back to HIM. Now today I love people. God is so amazing.


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