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All About GOD - Growing Relationships with Jesus and Others

Jesus came to the eart to save the lost. He came so that we would be 
set free from all kinds of sin. You see Jesus came so that we might 
have life and live it aboundantly. Jesus loves too much to see us walk 
around and not know where were going and where were headed. You see if 
Jesus never came we would still be in darkness(living without God.) 
Jesus came to show us the way. Jesus is THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE 
LIFE. Jesus wants to set you free so bad HE went to the cross and 
offered His life for you. If Christ would never had offered His life 
we would still live in darkness and not have a clear direction. Please 
turn to Jesus and watch what He can do for you. Apologetix says "HE
(Jesus) can do anything when HE gets inside you man."

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