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Friends repentance is the first step toward salvation.

Let's learn together what is it, what it means to repent.

Do some research and post your answers for discussion and learning.

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I totally agree with you char.

  When you repent you need to turn away from that sin or what it is you are repenting of (and it can be as simple as thinking bad thoughts towards someone) and really want to change and the more you want to change and repent and keep the faith the more you will manifest righteousness in your life and become more like Jesus. In my case I really have a hard time not turning back to my old ways and the life I use to live, drinking drugs parties living a wild and as I thought free life. But I was actually a slave to the sin in my life and that lifestyle. When in reality I would rather be a slave to God. Because being a slave to the lord will bring true freedom. I was living with my boyfriend and deep down I knew it was not the way. I’m 24 now and still have kept some old friends that still live this lifestyle so I know it’s not always easy.  I feel like when you repent you must not only be truly sorry and want forgiveness but you must understand that with God in your life you have the strength to say no to worldly sin and not keep repeating the same mistakes. If you could fly to heaven on wings I would say one of those wings would have to be made up of repentance and the other wing of faith.



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