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Surround yourself with that which produces faith.
Posted by sandra v villamero on November 26, 2012 at 7:41am
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ROM 12:3 not "a" measure but "the" measure. what you do with your measure of faith is up to you - but what you do determines whether or not you grow in faith.

You can not stay spiritually alive in a negative atmosphere where people do not believe in the supernatural power of God, do not teach the word, don't believe in healing etc.

Rom 14:23, Heb 10;38 Doubt is evil and we must learn to hate what god hates.
Psa 101:3 (it shall not fasten it's grip on me) Amos 5:14-15 Psa 34;14, Psa 97:10,
Rom 12:9, Prov 6:19 (Pride, Lying, Murder, Plotting evil, Eagerness to do wrong, flase witness that makes up things, strife (held unto disagreement))

Heb 11:6 Feed your mind and spirit on material thet will build faith not destroy it. A steady diet of secular reading and TV doesn't feed your faith. surround yourself with the things of God, the things of faith.

Acts 4:13 the disciples didn't start their ministry with impressive faith - they were astonished at what Jesus did. Mark 4:41 Those who knew them as unlearned, ignorant and weak men now realize, they had been with JESUS. same atmosphere that surrounded JESUS now surrounds them.

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