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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


I come to you this evening asking you for prayer for Elsy M. S. T and Greg T. 

Lets all unite in prayer that Elsy is healed of Sinusitus, fatty liver, and fatigue and tiredness.

Pray that she is filled with joy, happiness, love, vigor and energy.


Lord, I come to you this evening, crying out to you for  the healing of Elsy and Greg.  That Elsy be healed of Sinusitus, Fatty Liver, Malaise, Fatigue, and weakness.  Please heal Greg of  the tumor/cyst that was left in him as a child, let it disappear and have his balance restored.  Let his body absorb the oxygen needed to live healthy.  Heal his Arthritis.   Bring them both vigor, energy and health.  Lord heal their forgetfulness and give them both wisdom.  Heal all of there sadness and bring joy, happiness and surround them with good Christian people.  Thank you Lord God in the name of Jesus Christ I pray.  Amen.


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ pray for my brother and sister in Christ Greg and Elsy that they be healed and be made whole and have a happy and joyous marriage.  Thank you.


With Love,

Gianni B

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