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 Hi! I'm new here and I wanted to begin by sharing an encouraging story. I was diagnosed wit bi-polar disorder 5 years ago. I've had it all my life,but a severe manic episode  got me hospitalized and brought me to the diagnosis. Ihad an implant in my chest and I tried to cut it out one night. Praise the Lord, He was protecting me so I did not do any severe damage. and this  event changed my life forever.After I was diagnosed ,my husband and I looked for a support group but we found nonne.  So we decided to start our own group .Shortly thereafter, we chartered with the DBSA (Depessionand Bi-polar Support Alliance.). At our first meeting we had 25 people and over 100 suicide attempts. People were hurting and even cried that night. We met every 2 weeks iwhen we started ,but eventually met every week. People have shared their pain and some shared their triumps. It was a safe place to talk about how mental illnes has affectected our lives. We became a family. We had different speakers that were somehow affected by or involved in the reform and education omental illness. Eventually we became a non-profit agency and got involved in metal health advocacy and suicide awareness training (Q.P.R.) We've been meeting now for 4 years.  Today we are involved statewide in mental health advocacy and reform. My husband writes a mental health blog on our website , Hopeworks Community..The address is There you will find more details of how God has been with me through this journey in the artcle The Elephant in the Room.  By the grace of God I am doing well today. I haven't had a manic episode or prolonged depression in a very long time. Praise the Lord.

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