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hey People,praise the name of the best can you forgive and forget a person that has hurt you sooo bad? please advise.thanks

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Remember what you've been forgiven for and then let it go. I find Psalm 103 very comforting. Seek comfort and peace from the Lord. Sometimes in fellowship we have a burning ceremony. We write whatever it is that we want to give to God on a piece of paper. Then we burn the paper and give it to God. Here, God, I relinquish this and it is Yours. If you find yourself thinking about it again, relinquish it again. Find a few Bible verses and think on those verses. Choose forgiveness and don't dwell on the hurt and anger. Let it go.

Love and God bless,


thanks Mary....its good encouragement n  i know that God will see me thru this.thanks.God bless you


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