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This is list 1. 
Specifically we pray for 
these individuals:..........................

Mr. Bhuyan- cancer,

Eugene Adams, Earls brother- lung cancer,
Andrin King's 2 year old daughter- stage 4 cancer,
Miss Chhumi- cancer, esophagus surgery has been done,
Dawson, 6 years old- luekemia,
 Thermon age 72- cancer on most of his body,

Maggie Newhard- cancer has spread throughout her body. Doctors give her 2 weeks to live,
Tanya Hereen- breast cancer,

Mallisse Edmond- terminal cancer,
Donna K. Lee- bone cancer,
Bobby Price- last stages of cancer,

2 year old Libby Leverett- cancer,
Pat's husband, Steve Lewis- esophageal and lung cancer,
4 year old Kevin Howell- cancer in cells and in brain,
6 year old Brittany Bryant- seizure may have mass in brain,

Bebie Paso- had breast cancer before operation,
Robin Holt- bone cancer,

Shawn Prince- skin cancer,

The following are now cancer free, we thank God for these Blessings and pray that they remain without cancer.
 Kamryn Schuman
Herold Brock

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