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Gifts of the Spirit

James: Chapter 1, 17Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

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In light of the above scripture that says that there is no shadow of turning of the gifts of the Holy Spirit should we not take that to mean that God is not going to take back or stop these gifts in our present day walk with Him. Read this scripture carefully and context it with others as you do your study and see what God clarifies for you rather than what man thinks.

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what is the truth?and belive

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Comment by Yoel charan on May 4, 2008 at 9:22am
Thankyou Jack for inviting me. Praise God , now i am a member of the " Gift of the Holy Spirit."
1. Holy Spirit is from the begining. Heb. 9:14
2.Holy spirit is a omniscience( He knows every things)Ps.139:7-10
3. Holy spirit is Almighty( omnipotent ) Luke 1:35
4. Holy Spirit is gives us the power to witness.Act1:8
5. Holy Spirit is a Spirit of truth. John 14: 17
6. Holy Spirit is a Spirit of wisdom. Isaiah 11:2
7. Holy Spirit is a Spirit of might. Isaiah 11:2

Comment by Christy Gabriel on May 3, 2008 at 6:58pm
Hi Jack. I'm IN here too. Thank you for the invitation. With love in Christ always: Christy Gabriel & Fam - Jakarta_Indonesia
Comment by Leonard T on May 3, 2008 at 5:31pm
The following was a response to whther gifts are for today and what about abuses:

The idea of prophecy has two understandings. 1) Foreth -telling. This deals with bringing forth the Word of God in truth under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. 2) Fore-telling. this deals with knowledge regarding a future event and in some instances may include knowledge about a persons current condition. You are accurate when stating that there is and will be no new revelation. Some will argue this, such as those associated with "Latter Day Rain." Though, I believe that there are no new revelations, I do believe that there is illumination. I have a good friend who came to me and told me something would transpire before it did one day later regarding a family member living in another town. Without elaborating, there is no way he could have had inside knowledge or just guessed what happened in advance. I was also given an insight regarding something that was about to happen to a friend. It was vague, but came as a warning. The event transpired one week later. This is not revelation, but illumination. God gives a glimpse to the future for the benefit of His people. We tend to write these things off if we have never experienced it for ourselves. We also tend to not understand what others profess when we have not experienced it. I do not ascribe to many of the concepts or beliefs from today. For example, a prophet is under the direction of God, not God under the direction of the prophet. In the Bible there were prolonged periods between a prophets last prophecy and his next. He too often had no idea as to what it meant, but knew it was of the Lord and proclaimed it accordingly.

You are right regarding the 100% accuracy rule and death was the penalty for being wrong. The only problem for us is that in days gone by that the O.T. prophets often prophesied about an event that was several generations after their death and in some cases yet to be fulfilled. This goes back to the idea of revelation and illumination. Illumination will be for the near future for the benefit of someone. We need not be led to prophesy into future generations down the road, God has covered that.

I come from a charasmatic background and believe that all of the gifts are in existence today. These gifts are given by the Holy Spirit and are used by Him to glorify the Father and the Son. These gifts can be temporal. They are given to accomplish His task and are not meant to be under the discretion of the believer, but under the power of the Holy Spirit.

Where there are real miracles and powers of God in operation there will also be false miralces and abuses of things that mimic God and His work. That is why we are told to test the spirits (1 John 4:1). Though there are false miracles and abuses this does not mean that we are to reject the power of God and His work in us and through us. Or to squelch it in some way.

There is a group of preachers out there today that are way off base and are leading people down a dangerous road. I will not list them here, for if I do, the ire of many would come fast and strong. But, what I am saying is that we need to be sure and not blindly follow the leading of famous people who offer something in the flesh that appears spiritual.

I embrace the gifts as listed in the Scirpture and accept their aplication for today. There are somethings that occur that I do not understand or embrace. One of these is "slain in the Spirit." I am cautious regarding this, but accept that because I do not understand or embrace it does not mean that it is wrong. I am still seeking a deeper understanding regaring this. I pray that if it is wrong, that God will awaken those trapped by it. If I am wrong, then I pray that God will free me of my misconceptions.

I once attended a meeting with a friend that was similar to the clips. I was uncomfortable and struggling with the grunting, running around, indiscreminent use of tongues (at least in my view). in the midst of my perceived chaos, God spoke to my heart and asked me if I was there for them or Him? When I took my eyes off of the flesh and looked to Him I had a great time of worship in the midst of things I still do not embrace or understand.

Lastly, ponder why Paul would have written so much regarding spiritual gifts to the church in Corinth if the gifts were about to cease and were really the property of the Apostles until they ceased to walk the earth. Key, seek the truth regarding the gifts and beware of abuses. Surrender to God, but seek protection from the enemies lies.

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