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For Women Only

Welcome to 'For Women Only'

The settings are unfortunately set up in such a way that a person can't join a group unless they are friends with the person who created the group.  Please send me a friend request and I will invite you to join the group.  Existing members of this group can also approve new members.  As the name states, it is 'For Women Only'. 

For Women Only is a group to help adult women find encouragement from the Lord and from their sisters in Christ in life issues specific to us. So, sit down with a cup of coffee and join us. Only women 18 and over may join.


 A number of us may be struggling in the areas of marriage and relationships, eating disorders, body image, health, addictive behaviors, infertility, caring for children or elderly parents, or any number of other issues.


 We seek to be a safe place to share, encourage, and get feedback and advice. May God bless you as you share and encourage one another today!


Please Note:

By becoming a member of For Women Only, you understand and agree to not share anything outside this group about anyone else without their permission. Also, you understand and agree that this group does not in any way intend to or claim to be counseling or to provide counseling by certified professionals. While it is our desire that this remain a safe place to share, it is not possible to guarantee confidentiality.

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Latest Activity: Jul 2, 2019

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