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I recently brought my 11 month old grandson, Nathan,  home to Nana's for a two day visit. Nathan is absolutely a light in my life. He is however, sometimes a very fussy and demanding baby. He and I spent those two days playing with toys, going on a shopping trip, and just spending some quality time together laughing and playing. The last night he was with me for his visit, he was really fighting sleep and just very hard to comfort. I remembered something that just calms and soothes me and thought I'd give it a try, hey, h'es a baby, but well, who knows. I signed in to Youtube and pulled up my playlist which includes numerous videos of some of the best christian and gospel artists. Nathan sat in my lap and when I began to sing along with this inspirational music he stopped all of his fussing and just stared at me. The more I sang the more my heart felt uplifted and it took only a moment and I was just praising God and staring into the eyes of this tiny little boy. He became so calm and even offered a smile and within 35 minutes had fallen sound asleep in my arms. As the praises to God continued to pour from the speakers and I was locked into my gaze as he slept in my arms, it became so very apparent to me the things God has blessed me with in my life. I wonder if sometimes when life is hectic, my time is just consumed with work and school, and I stretch myself thin, am I really thanking God for the right things, and  praying for the right things, and am I seeing the blessing He gives me with each waking day? All I know is this. Every morning that I open my eyes I am thankful He has given me another day to live and to grow in His word. Whether or not I will ever do any of the things that I aspire to accomplish on this earth, He has already given me the greatest blessing He could ever give. He sent His son to die on the cross for me, He loves and forgives me no matter what sort of mistakes I make, and He has given me the gift of three wonderful children and my grandson, such a tiny person, and I know it is partly my responsibility to help my little Nathan to learn about Jesus and to grow up to Love the Lord. But as I was watching that little boy sleep in my arms, well, there are just no words for the feeling I had when I realized just how much God has already placed in my life. We should all praise Him daily for the little things. 

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AMEN!! to many times we focus on the big things we want and ask God for instead of looking around and noticing it's the "small" things that really make our life worth living. we should stop during our hectic day and think about all the small things that God provides. we'll see that they add up to something much more than all the big things we ask for. for those we need to be eternally thankful for and thank God for them. very nice topic autumn.

Sister Autumn,


Beautiful post.............

Too bad more people don't have the opportunity to read it.


Grace and Peace.


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