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So many times I get frustrated and angry and even emotional and hurt because there is so much I deal with daily. I had gotten to a point where I wondered why God was not providing a way, after I had been patient for what seemed like forever. Then, it hit me. God had provided a door for me. All this time it was there. Im sure I have been standing in front of it for weeks crying out "why God why won't you answer", and the whole time I'm betting He was sitting on His throne and looking down saying"there is the door I placed just for you child, just open the door". So I am feeling blessed that God has finally showed me when the answers don't seem to be there it is not that he hasn't answered, Im just often not paying enough attention, looking in the wrong directions, and there is His answer every single time, I just have to take the steps to open up the door that He has sat right in front of me. Thank you God for never leaving me, for being patient with me, for never giving up on me even when I give up on myself, and for always providing exactly as You have promised. thank you for opening my eyes so that I may see and giving me understanding where I had none.

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God's timing is always perfect...always! maybe He didn't want you to go through that door when you thought you were ready. i experience that a lot. i'll think, "aren't You listening, Lord??" then when i least expect it, God shows me that of course He was listening. it just had to happen in His time. and as Christians, we know that's the best time. a good example recently was a settlement check we were being blessed with. we waited and waited for it, wondering what the hold up was. then out of the blue it came and was larger than we expected. then right after that, our car had to have some work done to it which would have been impossible before getting that check. as i said, His timing is perfect. God bless you!

Sister Autumn,


Speaking of doors............the famous scene of Jesus, standing and knocking at the door in Revelation 3:20 has conjured up all kinds of thoughts and interpretations.

I agree with you - we see the door, and ask GOD TO OPEN IT FOR US. But, the fact is, Jesus is on the other side, knocking, waiting for US to open it and let Him in to us. 

One of Jesus' favorite sayings in the Bible is, "Come unto Me............".


And one of the closing verses in the Bible = Revelation 22:17, " And the Spirit and the bride say,"Come". And let the one who hears say,"Come." And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost.".


Grace and Peace.

wow I thank you for this and of course thank you Jesus. It's really a big help, esp. for me who's going through the same thing. God bless you! ;)
and oh by the way, I'm just excited to finally see the door God is giving me, I may not be or be seeing it now but can't wait to know and realize that it is the one! I will continue to trust God and obey :)

Thank you all for your words. ELLA, I'm so glad if I helped and definitely keep putting your trust in God and obeying His word.  I as well am growing and learning each day and with some recent events I am seeing more and more of His work in my life. There may be those valleys we fall into at times but God is with us in the valleys and always takes us back up to the mountain tops. I am seeing more and more the motivation, the discernment and the strength that he adds to me with every day that passes. Even on my worst days he is still working on a plan for my life and placing doors for me to simply see, open and walk through. I have thought of what Thomas posted to this thread and it helped me to see even more how as a human being I can over think, and complicate things when it could be so much simpler if I would learn to have patience, stay on my knees in prayer and just try to improve my walk with Him each day and let Him do the planning, and providing the answers to my prayers. I too will continue to learn how to listen and recognize His answers without being blind to the doors He has sat right in front of me and I don't see because Im so busy looking in the wrong places. God bless you. 


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