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A few years back God seemed to lead me to non-denominational churches where I have heard many sermons on the social club churches and their shortcommings. I was sent out to give my testamony of healing and felt led to go to many denominational churches during my travels. The one thing I felt I learned was that in every church there is at least one saint where the word of God was preached. The churches that I felt most comfortable in, where the message was preached to not fall into their traps have done things that have me questioning their teachings. It has taught me to not judge Jesus by his followers. The best church time was when there was no schedule and we prayed and waited on the Holy Spirit to lead us. How I long for those days.

Any thoughts????

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One day a young hippy was sitting on the curb outside of a beautiful church. He had long hair, wore a tie dye t shirt, sandals, and tattered jeans. He was crying his heart out. Jesus approched him and asked him why he was so down trodden. The man answered that he was not allowed in the church. Jesus said "don't feel bad, I have been trying to get in there for years".

When I first came to Jesus in 1989 I witnessed the Holy Spirit leave the church I belonged to because of the leadership quashing a young lady who was full of the Holy Spirit so that they could stay on their schedule. So sad.

We need to invite everyone and welcome all. Jesus' reply to the RELIGIOUS leaders questions of why he was with Matthew and his sinner friends was that he came to save the lost sinner. I was that hippy. Where can we go? Thank God for this website.
Unfortunatly this is happening all over,I have yet to find a church that allows the Holy spirit to work.What I mean is everything is so scheduled/orchestrated to the point to thats what people get used to and feel uncomfortable outside what makes them comfortable.I am by no means judging anyone,just stating my outlook on most church establishments I have encountered.I am in total disagreeance with churches that shun others whom are not like themselves.In that said.....God judges the heart in all ways of man.......God Bless
I am especially encouraged to learn that God is in every church via at least one person. He is really bringing His sheeps up!
Please pray for them that they would experience more of God's love, which is given without price so that they may choose to give freely.
There may be rejections in this world, yet there is none in Jesus. Let's call His name!There is peace and comfort in Him! He is so attractive, and He is so crazy about us!
That's a good topic~~
I know what you mean. There have been times when Bbile study turned into church service or our ladies night became priase and worship sermons lead by the Holy Spirit. At those times were when I had my most profound moments in church.
I was blessed to have a church family the likes I've never experienced since! The children were allowed to wander from pew to pew (within reason...they had no reason to run) and EVERYONE in the church were a part of taking care of the children during services. We all know how children have a hard time sitting. Well..that church made me dream of the days (which I guess I am too young to have experienced) when whole communities, all part of the same "church", would work together in helping to build and repair houses, trade services instead of money, trade your talents so to speak. Wow, this is what I imagine God's church to be like. Unfortunately with God taken out of the schools and government...though this is what our country was founded upon (God), it's almost politically incorrect to speak the word! Even in the workplace it is frowned upon to speak religion, though speaking and even disagreeing on political views is fine and dandy.
God is good all the time. I recently joined a non denominational church after spending my entire christian life in independent fundamental baptist churches throughout the world. No condemnation to IFBCs, for the most part they have provided me with an good foundation, thank God for His Cornerstone. I had often watched a particular Pastor/Preacher on Saturday morning then after about three months the Lord revealed to me that this man was a Seventh Day Adventist. I was stunned, because of the teachings that I'd gotten in many of these past churches where I'd attended. Long story short, the fundamentals expressed by this site are the only biblical criteria for salvation and adoption into God's family and I pray will work together to allow me to love all people with the love of His beloved Son, Christ Jesus. My new church has a praise and worship time that is indescribeable, a Bishop who is anointed and concerned about his entire congregation. I'm excited coming and going to each service and event. This church would be criticized by my previous pastors and churches, so I'm committed to praying for them, that God would gave them revelation to the entire truth, not allowing the creation of these false monopolies on God love, grace, and mercy. To God be the Glory, forever. Amen
Yes Praise we need to pray for those churches and leaders who do not walk their talk. I love a church where the Holy Spirit is in control and not the program or schedule. I still attend many different churches in addition to the one God has planted me in. Many are uncomfortable with me and others welcome me with open arms. Sometimes they ask me to not return. Gives me something to pray for. 500 billion blessings.
Amen, rix. I'd like to attend alot more because there are so many now who are preaching the Kingdom, instead of damnation. My heart hurt when I read "they ask me not return". They didn't actually say leave, they were just not very receptive or friendly...and the Pastor even flipped the script by stating that I should show myself friendly.
Recently, a Spirit-filled Saint, preached a message about churches and denomination being just short of gangs. I'd have to agree. But the Spirit has thought me that God in all His wonderment can make all of us in the likeness of His image and yet distinctly different and its an awesome meditation. No is like me so you don't have to be like me to like me or for me to like you. We need to be more like our Savior...just love everybody and pray for those who make it difficult. We have alot to pray for. 1 trillion blessings to you!!
Wow! I know I'm a little late coming in on this but I have been super busy ending 2008. I left a denominational church after 15 years. I just couldn't take being beaten down every sunday and leaving more discouraged than when I arrived. And the sad part is that I was the Associate Pastor. My Senior pastor really was a nice guy. But he spent too much time tell you what was wrong with you and why you didn't deserve to be happy. He would mix politics with religion and ran most of the congregation off. When it was down to just me and Him, I told him I had to go too. I couldn't take it anymore. The church had gone from 60+ down to 16 on a good week.

But now, I've in a Full Gospel church, I'm happy. When you leave you know that you've been to church. God flows in that church. I took up a class teaching new converts the basics of our faith. Many have never even used a bible before. So it's really the basic of the basic. I'm happy. I just wish my wife would come with me. She got "church-hurt" after 12 years ago and has not been back since. It's sad the petty things that people do that hurt us most. and then some people can't just let it go.

I've rambled enough. God bless you all, Happy 2009!


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