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The heart is the center of the spiritual life.
If the fruit of the tree is bad,
You don’t try to fix the fruit; you treat the roots!!!
And if a person’s actions are evil, it’s not enough to change habits;
you have to go deeper.
You have to go to heart of the problem, which is the problem of the heart!!!
That is why the state of the heart is so critical.
What’s the state of yours?
When someone barks at you, do you bark back or bite your tongue?
That depends on the state of your heart…
When your schedule is too tight or your-to-do list too long,
do you lose your cool or keep it?
That depends on the state of your heart…
When you are offered a morsel of gossip marinated in slander,
do you turn it down or pass it on?
That depends on the state of your heart….
Do you see the beggar on the street as a burden on society
or as an opportunity for God?

That, too, depends on the state of your heart….
The state of your heart distastes
whether you harbor a grudge or give grace,
seek self-pity or seek Christ,
drink human misery or taste God’s mercy.
No wonder, then, the wise man begs,
“Above all else, guard your heart,
for it is the wellspring of life--- Prov.4:23

David’s prayer should be ours:
Create in me a pure heart, O God, and
renew a steadfast spirit within me.—Psalms 51:10

And Jesus statement rings true:
Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God—Matt.5:8

Glory to God!!!
It's good to be back... I miss you all..Have a blessed day... -- Kathleen

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yes kathleen,we really miss you and your articles... I used to send your articles to all my contacts...Missed these days,anyway you back


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