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what bible  topics are questions would you like to discuss? feel free to post anytime here and also chapters of the bible we can discuss them

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The story of the prodigal son

i love this this reminds me nomatter how bad we stray from God he always welcomes us back i no ive strayed from him but now im back for good Gods mercy endurith forever the bible says thats a good lesson

the sermon on the mount

There are those that believe what they say has very little, or nothing to do with their lives, or future, there fore James 3, in its entirety to me proves otherwise. I love it and quote it quite frequently. any other comments on it?


One thing I get from James 3 is the point of it saying that if anyone is never at fault in what he says, he is a perfect man. What I take away from that is we could be almost perfect if we kept our mouths shut. If we think about things we've said just in the last several days, have our words been encouraging, uplifting & wholesome? Or have they gotten you in trouble, upset someone, drug someone down? We all struggle to keep a tamer on our tongue. We may sing & give God glory during our worship time & then turn around & say something hateful about a member of the church or the leader of the choir at the dinner table. That tongue - merciful heavens, that's a doozy.

yes very good

I want to learn more about fasting. Is there a certain time of the year that everyone fast. Or can it be done anytime.


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