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PHILOSOPHERS and SCIENTIST use this word "CHANCE" AS IT HAS SUBTANANCE, ESSENCE AND WEIGHT when describing the origin of the Universe. Come on thinkers what is chance?

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I can digg it :)

As you tend to do my sister - short, to the point answers that are right on. :)
no such thing as chance everything happens for a reason all done by God and for you to realize that he is there.
There is such a thing as chance shorty, but only as a mathematical possibility. :)

What is the possibility that chances will happen?

I believe chances only happens for those who believe in chance. 

Chance happens only if we are not sure of things.

Is chance same with possibilities?

Possibilities could be the results of studies while chance is the result of uncertainty.

Chance is something like a blow to the moon while you are here on earth.

Is christianity a chance or a choice?

Everyday i look at the mirror and everyday i can praise God  and says thanks God i'm a result of a cosmic plan not by chance.

Chance is a fine way of expressing certain mathematical probabilities, but in itself it cannot cause anything to happen. When we attribute an event to chance in science or elsewhere we are only revealing that we are unaware of every factor involved in producing the outcome. Instead of using chance to explain the unknown, we should instead confess our ignorance. When you are asked a question you cannot answer, humbly admit as much.

Thanks for sharing bro and right on.  Blessings



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