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The theory that Jesus did not exist as a historical figure or that he simply is a copy cat of pagan God's is often referred to as the Jesus Myth. Though dead as a serious academic position, the notion that Jesus did not exist or that He simply is a copy cat, is advanced by skeptics through their various publishing arms and on the internet. Others have argued that though some sort of founding historical figure is possible, the miracles attributed to him must be legendary developments.

As a result, one of Apologetics priorities is to educate readers about the overwhelming evidence of Jesus' historicity and His uniqueness among all others.

Well theologians, you want to help? Jump in!

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Pictures of Horus - how can this be compare to Jesus, hahahaha The world is so hungry for an excuse to not served God and in search of a quick buck that they come up with anything and everything
Thank you sis-

Very good information. Blessings. :)


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