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Is there a need to De-Church, as it were, in order to reach people for Christ?

Has the Church created a sub-culture that is so far removed from the culture we live in daily, so as to be considered unrealistic, out of touch and even irrelevant?

Have we adapted the invitation method to our institution syndrome at the expense of not going out to where people are, or even opening our homes to them?


Has our Church culture become alien to the World?


If so, what needs to change, and how?


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Wow - great questions bro. I am hoping others jump in and share before I answer. This is a very important topic.

Have we adapted the invitation method to our institution syndrome at the expense of not going out to where people are, or even opening our homes to them?


It should be noted that Jesus mixed with sinners, tax collecters and publicans and yet remained untarnished and without sin!

Jesus stated that whilst we are not be  Worldly-minded, yet, we are in the World to be a part of fulfilling the great commission of Matthew 28.  It is in this sense that the question is posed.

The so-called Religious elite of the day had removed themselves entirely from the community so as to be considered untarnished by them, and indeed they rebuked Jesus association with them as such.

But Jesus continued to eat with them, mix with them insisting that it was the sick and not the healthy who needed a doctor. He gave spiritual healing to many as He conversed with them, sat with them, mingeled in their company and preached to them the Kingdom of God.

He exploded the Religious myth's of the day that stated in order to be holy we must either remove ourselves from the ordinary public or live a life of untarnished resignation, Jesus knew that in order for a man, woman, boy or girl to be reached for the Kingdom, then they needed a message of good news, that good news was the Gospel and that Gospel was preached and hearalded by Him.

How can we preach unless we have been sent?

The answer is we cannot, but to those who have been called to proclaim the Good news of God's Salvation, we must do so as those who are prepared to break Religious embargo's and resist a false concept of holiness.

Bringing souls to church is getting harder and harder each passing day. Churches are using different kinds of approaches and styles when it comes to bringing souls into the church. Movies, televisions, ads, feeding, livelihood, sports evangelism, sports center, student center, bible studies, campus fellowship and etc. Every believer is compel to GO not just the Pastors and workers but it's every christian responsibility. Increasing our territory first our home, then our neighbour, town and so on and so forth, until all the world is evengelized. We Go and then we bring them to the chuch, we teach them, they live by Gods word and we let them serve also.

Some approaches and styles can be facial only, so we need to be where they are, know them and they should know as also, trust them so they can trust us. our Lord Jesus Christ reached them where they are. our Lord is the great example of how to reach that souls. I don't beleived in just a preacher, just a speaker style of ministering. I also believe our Lord Jesus Christ founded a Church not just a just fellowship.


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