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In the first posting I shared this, "If we can grasp this Truth, all other things fall in line.  It is not that we loved Him first.  The only Truth is He Loved us first."                                                                             I believe I did not clearly share the point I felt lead to share.  What I have seen over many years is this.  Many people struggle with the idea of God's Love for us.  Why do you think that is? 


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 We either have or know people who have trouble with accepting Love.  Maybe the way they were raised or many other reasons.  The importance with accepting Love is important.  We are told to love our neighbors as ourselves.  So we must learn to operate in love.  Yet, we all need a reference or benchmark to work from.  So be it how you feel about yourself, your parents, your children, your spouse so on.  So when we at least have a working concept of love, and begin to try and understand God's Love and how it completely eclipses our love.

 When we love others a trust is developed.  We work hard so our children, spouse, or others know we love them and that they can and should trust us.  Again, through God's Eyes He also wants  His Love for us to develop a Strong Trust in Him.  As we operate in God's Love and the Trust we have available to us in His Love, so many if not all things begin to line up for us.  Or, we can see things as we should.  His Love and our accepting His Love is found in being Born Again.  It is found in any and all problems we face in our lives.  His Love and our Trusting His Love, is the Power the enemy has no power against.  

I fail at explaining most times what I mean by many things I share.  I hope I did better.

In my hear5t; I feel its because as we go through struggles we wonder why God doesn't step in to save the day, ...

We all fall short.  But, that is just it.  He Loves us based on His own choice.  We cannot earn or win His approval.  As with all other things with God, we must operate in Faith.  When we learn to just fall back into His Arms, and allow His Love to fill us up.  Some will say, "I can do whatever I want because , He Loves me."  What I answer is this, "I do not know about that either way.  For me I believe His Love changes us."  And, I work at yielding my flesh, and allow His Love to change me, everyday.  So days are better than others.  

I just feel it to be so important, to encourage, remind, or explain God's Love.  And, sadly as Michelle shared, the most difficult force most of the time is not the enemy but, denominations and doctrines.  I do not do religion well at all.  They will try to make others believe, God's Love is earned.  We cannot earn a gift, The Gift of His Love.  We surrender and receive. 



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