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When you get to Heaven, who is the first person you want to see?  (besides Jesus)

What would you ask them concerning the life they lived on earth?

Yesterday I was thinking I would like to ask Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego what they thought when they didn't burn in the fire?  And what they thought when the 4th man (Jesus) was there with them.


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We'll never understand it til we're there, but we won't miss them.  To miss them would cause us pain to know where they are, unless we will simply understand so much that missing them won't be the same as we experience now.  Because in heaven, there will be no more pain or tears.

I think this is a good thought to consider. My ex husband died of an overdose at 36 , and I often wondered if he could see us ..look down on us with regret or missing us. But given what you have said..that just simply cannot be.

He is in peace, and we will see him without pain. There is so much we cannot understand. I remember Rick Warren saying trying to understand God's thoughts completely is like trying to explain a math lesson to an Ant.

I would like to meet my angel. I think that would be an awesome conversation.

I would like that too. I often wonder if we have a specific one, or multiple ones...

I'd like to meet Paul and just discuss his theology - would be interesting lol


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