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Based on discussion I'm having elsewhere, I was wondering on this question.  How do we truly know when we're saved?  How do we know if our heart is truly right?  If our motives were right?  Did we just repeat a prayer, feel conviction, were we truly sorry for sins, etc.? 

So the question is, what led you to Christ...not who, or how, or when, but "what/why".  Down in your heart, in your thoughts, what was going on?  Was it an ongoing thought or battle, or just an on the moment emotional response? 

Starting with my own, I wanted to accept Him because I decided I'd made enough mess of my life and had proven to myself that I couldn't guide myself into anything right.  I wanted God to make me a caring person and make something of the remainder of my life so that I suppose in a way I might atone for all the bad decisions I'd made.  I was tired of being a selfish and vindictive person who only wanted what I wanted, and instead I wanted to be changed into a kinder person, more loving, more discerning, more giving...wiser.  I decided to give the decision making in my life up to God because all I could do on my own was mess it up, and mess up the lives of those around me. 

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Sounds like your salvation experience is genuine. Sadly, there are people who think they are saved but haven't really get experienced new birth. They did what someone explained to them as being the "steps of salvation" such as coming forward to the front of the church to make a profession of faith, and then getting baptized, or reciting a prayer at the end of a TV program or service along with the speaker, but they haven't actually repented and received Christ in doing so and haven't entered into the covenantal relationship with Him. It doesn't mean that some don't receive new birth after watching a TV program or at the end of a Joyce Meyer or Joel Osteen service, but IMO many don't. Yet, they are told something like if you said that prayer with us then we believe you got born again, etc...

Asking someone if they are saved isn't the right question, IMO. But to ask them if they know whether or not that they are the new creation leads to self examination for evidence of new life --spiritual fruit, presence of Holy Spirit, etceteras --rather than to a checking off of a list of steps, saying "check" after acknowledging that each step was taken and then reasoning that "I did all of that so I must be saved!"
Well that's partly why I ask too. If people would take a moment to examine what was going on in their thoughts and feelings at the time, they might get a better look at whether or not they really accepted Christ, and if there's any doubt, it's not too late.

God came looking for me which is more than I ever deserved. I asked Him why He wanted me. He said I chose.

Do you think God knows beforehand what our choice will be?



I'd have to say yes.

Romans 8:29 For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren. 30 Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified.

I think that God allows some hearts to be hardened because He knows they will never turn to Him. But we preach the Gospel so that all may hear about what He did for us so that they too may choose Him as they were predestined to do.

I'd have to say He came looking for me too. When I couldn't bring myself to the altar, He brought the altar to me.


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