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I'm just wondering how to take Exodus 4:24-26.

Maybe I'm just having a senior moment, but I cant seem to figure this one out.

God is sending Moses to Egypt. Moses seems to be at a lodging place and God is about to kill Moses. Do I have that right?

Then Zipporah saves Moses. I know there must be some explanation for these verses but it escapes me.

Then Moses hooks up with Aaron and off to Egypt they go.

If this is a simple question I apologize, but I know one of my friends at AAG will know, and then I can put this to rest.



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Ok. A little research and I think I found my answer.

Well, what I came across was, and it seems to make sense, is because Moses' son was not circumcised, God held Moses responsible for his omission. Zipporah made Moses' omission right. This pleased God and God spared his life.

Looking at Chips reply, I wonder if both explanations could be correct.

I did find our retired Pastor and asked him. He will get back to me on Wednesday night. I'll let ya know if he adds anything.

Have a blessed week


In many ways, Moses was a timid individual. However, you did not want to get him roused or watch out. Here, Moses chose not to offend Zipporah by circumcising his sons. Zipporah's attitude is very apparent in this passage. However, circumcision was a part of his covenant relationship with God and by his omission he was in violation of that covenant. Moses had to get that part right before he would ever be allowed to face Pharaoh and represent God to him. We also are in a covenant relationship with God and must understand that our relationship with Him is based solely on our faith in His Son Jesus. It is through faith in Him alone that we are made right in His sight and enabled to enter into His mighty presence. Moses' faith was being tested. The circumcision of his sons was an act of faith. It is interesting that Zipporah also submitted even though she was opposed to the act, not being a Hebrew herself. Our God is a God of covenant. Our relationship with Him must be a covenant relationship. I am very thankful to Jesus for making it possible to be a part of His family.

So Moses was a lot like my lovely wife, timid out if you get her roused. LOL

I agree with you. I don't know why this particular passage stood for me but it did.

Thanks for responding.


Amen and amen.


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