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Greetings all,


With Carla being led on in ministry and away from AAG we are in need of filling her position as one of the administrators on TheNET. I have tapped David V. who has served faithfully as one of our moderators for some time now and he has humbly accepted to help in this way. Thus, it is my privilege to introduce David V. as our newest volunteer administrator on TheNET.


Feel free to drop him a line of encouragement here on this forum.


Lord Bless,


TheNET Coordinator

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I know His Love and Wisdom are with you.  We will lift you and yours up.  Thank you for continuing to yield to His Will, and standing up for what you know to be True.  And, in gentleness and conviction, I believe His Love and Wisdom will Shine through your words to others.

In His Love


Congratulations David, on both counts...!~

 Couldnt have happened to a nicer guy:) 



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