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A little levity - When the Supreme Court kicked God our of our schools, maybe we all should have got up and left with Him. We didn't and ever since we have been guilty of giving our children a godless education. Could that have anything to do with what we are seeing today?

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We reap what we sow and if we sow "no God" into our children we will have children "without God." Israel as our example, it takes several generations for the departure to be complete and then some major crisis to wake them back up. Will there be a crisis beyond what we see in society today or has God moved on, regarding the US as a nation, like in the Book of Malachi? Remeber that after Malachi there was 400 years of silence from God to the nation. Think about that time frame ... 400 years ago the King James Version was translated. A lot has happened in our world over 400 years. Time will tell, but praise the Lord that, as with Israel, there will always be a remnant until the end comes.


I must add two things. 1) I am glad that I know that when trumpet sounds or I shall die int he flesh I will be with Him. 2) The are people who cannot say that and as long as the light still shines we have a mission to complete, reaching the lost and dying in this world.


Lord Bless,


Amen, I stand in full agreement.

LT - amen.


Roy - we stood by as a church and we have done it again. Time will tell the consequences of our lack of action. God have mercy on this nation, but we don't loose. We are the Church. God's elect and chosen people. We will be with him. Let us work, while it remains day. 

Amen. I don't believe God has said that's it and brought down His hammer. I think there is time to get some things right. However, I do think it is time to do those things. I think it is time to act. We, as a nation, have just endorsed homosexual marriage. I think it is time to act or forget it. We long ago declared war against life and the Bible. It is time to pray and stop justifying evil in the name of not judging others. I am against self-righteousness but certainly not against righteousness. There remains that which is right and that which is wrong. 

Blessings. I think getting to work is a really good idea.

Hallelujah - Sin is still sin. Drunkenness remains a sin. Lust remains sin. Homosexuality remains sin and so does the murdering of an unborn children, it remains sin. The nation just voted for some of those sins, including marijuana smoking, to be acceptable life styles, but guess what, they remain sin. Sins that destroy the fabric of all that is holy, but our Lord reigns and he does not slumber, Our God is in complete control, as you know very well, that is our blessed assurance.


Blessings back beloved.


 Hey, I am moving to Lawrence on the 8th next month, so we would be close enough to get together for bible study once again.

Amen and God help us. You won't believe this but I am going out to Paxico with Tim who I think you have met. We are meeting on Sunday mornings. Tim is very good friends with Mayhew.

Yep, Tim is here almost on a daily basis. I will probably be working with him a bit to decipher a programming issue with my accounting software. Yep- they sure are good friends, what a trip, such a small world.


Sunday morning sounds good. I am seeking God's face and i will do my rounds in Lawrence to seek a church to fellowship in or to seek to start one. We'll see what the Lord has in stored.

I did not know that you were working for Brad. I know him.

Yep - been here for 5 months. Don't tell him I am on AAG though during my work hours - hahaha hahaha


Just kidding - to God be the glory - I work unto the Lord. :) and work very hard, if I may blow my own horn here. haha

Roy - whenever you want a free lunch and you are around Lawrence, stop by my office bro, would love to take you to lunch. Maybe we can get Joe to come out too, so we can have one of those conversations about God that seem like it will never end hahaha you know ...


My family continues to pray for Olathe Christian School, we have seen God's hand in your school and remain praying for God's favor and provision for you my brother.


I would also like to take this opportunity to ask the community to lift up OCS and of course Roy and his family through these trying times.

Thanks David.

Well Roy and David having a better knowledge of where you.  I discovered I am less than 4 hrs away.  Not saying I will be there tomorrow.  Yet, Lord Willing sometime when I am heading up that way, I would enjoy a visit.  Did not realize we were that close.

Lord Bless you both


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