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There's always the debate on tithing and the amount to tithe. In going through Leviticus 27, towards the end it speaks of adding a fifth to the tithe with the tithe being what the person can afford...Such as if they don't have a spotless animal they should bring a defective one and the priests will deem it as holy. In Deuteronomy there is mention of a first, second, third and a poor man's tithe. So the 10% debate refers to when Abraham gave 10% and not to what God commanded.

The other debate is on whether tithing is necessary in the new covenant. In if Jesus'commands was to love God with all your heart. He also speaks to the Pharisees that they should have done the latter without neglecting the former in regards to what they dedicated to the Lord.

To me, it appears a tithe is still to be given because if our love for God, but the amount is not set. Give according to what you have.

Just something I've noticed that is sort of an in between of the two debates and wanted to bring up if anyone had any comments.

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Give  and be a happy giver.  Give time , give good words, give help of any kind .   I don't know if money is the answer since there is public support for basic needs which is already extracted from our wealth. It is a matter of giving as it is needed to encourage the spirit of others and to give comfort as it is needed. The body can be nurished by bread from money but the spirit is nurished from above.    Love one another .  Feed the hungry , shelter the body , nurture the spirit. 

   There is no set amount ... it is way too much to measure.


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