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John 4:24 God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.


This scripture explaining the importance of worship involves the whole Godhead ..Abba Father, Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit.


Lord Jesus emphasises that this is how we MUST worship..


In spirit... When you do things in spirit. Its means to do by the 'Holy Spirit' or with the help of the Holy Spirit and not our flesh (Galatians 5:16). So our fleshly desires are completely crucified. Our spirit is alivened or awakened out of sleep mode by the Holy Spirit..Like a reviving. Our spirit is not sleeping. Its fully awake and aware of the tangible presence of God. Things of this world and of the carnal nature become a thing of a distant realm..You become immersed in this thick presence of the LIVING GOD.. Heaven connects with earth.. you get a taste of His Glorious presence..(Revelations 4:2) the Holy Spirit is feel Him so close..


In truth... Jesus is 'the Truth' (John14:6)and 'the Word' (John1:1) (John 8:31-32) which is truth. We must worship in the revelation of the truth. With true reverence to the 'Truth'. Thousands upon thousands of Angels worship before the throne of and night (Revelation 5:11-14), (Revelation 4:6-11) , (Daniel 7:9-10) They do not rest.(Revelation 4:8). Because they have this revelation of the majesty of God. They KNOW the holiness..extravagance and awesomeness of  our God. We must KNOW the truth of the gloriousness of our God. And just how truly worthy the Lamb of God is..Its the Spirit of Truth. The Holy Spirit that leads us into all truth. (John 16:13) This also is why we MUST worship in the spirit because it leads to worship 'in truth'.



Scripture teaches that those who are born of God are spirit (John 3:5-6). Because our spirit is no longer dead it becomes alive when we are born again of the Holy Spirit. We can once again connect to God who is spirit, as Adam and Eve did before their sin which caused the fall of man. And thus spiritual death and one day also natural death. Our flesh does not connect with God during worship. Its our spirit. We are body, soul and spirit (1 Thessalonians 5:23 ). But during worship I believe we give Him all of us by putting our bodies (fleshly nature)and soul (self will, desires) under subjection.



That is what this scripture and worship means to me...What does it mean to you..?

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Hello sis Amina (did I get it right?)

Worshiping God is inclusive of singing songs to him and praising Him amongst the congregation, yet, it goes way beyond that to a live that is established in the Truth, in sound Doctrine. Is a life style, not just half an hour or an hour of worship in church, which is part of it and so very beautiful, but it goes beyond that to a life that is God conscious. A life style that seeks to bring Glory to God by abiding and practicing sound doctrine.

Great Topic sis. Love to you
I Also believe this is how we are to act, to do, to be in faith daily, in Truth as the Father is TRUTH incarnate, and in Spirit as the Father has sent to guide us on our journeys to the heavenly realm.
And did you know that singing is twice as powerful as prayer is? just something to add along with our prayers. I sing from my heart, not in whispers; but to reach the heavenly sphere, to hopefully join with the angels in praise to the Father who Is , Was & Is To Come!~
Amen Sister, & Brother David, for helping to gude us all on the right paths we should walk upon;
God Bless,

Hello sister.. Singing is twice as powerful as prayers....thats good to know... I guess I won't feel guilty now for prefering worship to prayers...

But we could always sings our prayers to He does love when we sing a new song to Him ;-)

@ David..A lifestyle of worship..So true..we should be in constant awareness of his presence..Walking in the Spirit and Truth always :)


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