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All About GOD - Growing Relationships with Jesus and Others

AllAboutGOD Ministries, Inc. created AllAboutGOD.NET as a place for brand-new believers who come to Christ through our more than 15,000 web pages, to:

· learn what Christian fellowship can be like

· get encouragement for their walk in Christ

· get some of their questions about the Christian life answered

· find good links to discipleship materials

· create in their hearts a desire to be a part of a local Christian church or to start one themselves.

Those are our reasons for existence!

Even though our name is AllAboutGOD, it has never been our intention to represent "all" the points of view about God, or to be everything for everybody. Not everything goes here like on some other social networks (see our Membership Agreement), we believe the Bible is true and is the final authority when it comes to matters of faith and how we live our lives, so to some we are too restrictive. At the same time we have believers from scores of different countries and backgrounds so for others we are too permissive. We are, however, very focused on our purpose for TheNET and that will never change:

<b>To be a place for Christian fellowship, encouragement, and discipleship for new followers of Christ.</b>


(Written by Greg)


Lord Bless,


TheNET Coordinator


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