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Is there a difference between being elected and called to do something? Are our actions as one who is elected or called different?  Scriptural input is very much encouraged please and thank you.


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The call seems to be universal, but the final decision maker is the Lord. Mt. 22:14 tells us that many are called but few are chosen. This verse referenced a banquet put on by a king who issued many invitations. One gentleman actually made it into the banquet without proper attire. He may have mistakenly thought he was like everyone else but didn't realize the wedding clothes were provided by the host. It is possible that the reason others didn't realize the guy was out of place was due to they were not the ones providing the clothes. Only God can determine if we are covered by the blood of Christ and therefore a part of the "elect." One must be clothed in His righteousness and not that provided by himself.

Jesus called all His disciples but later revealed (John 6:70) that eleven of them were chosen. Judas, again, did not have on proper attire. His motives were wrong. It is my understanding that those who are putting their trust in Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins and not in their own so-called righteousness, are those whom God has chosen. How we get to that position is another discussion but it is important to know how we have gotten into His church. There is only one proper way. All others will be excluded.
Great answer, Roy! Another good Scripture passage for this topic is Roman 8: 29&30, "For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the likeness of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers. 30And those he predestined, he also called; those he called, he also justified; those he justified, he also glorified."
Amen, Brother Michael, it appears that He did everything for us. I really like that part that He did - He foreknew, He predestined, He called, He justified, and He glorified. What a glorious Savior we serve.
Thank you my beloved Brothers and sister(s) in Christ for taking the time out to respond ...... interesting input :) <3 Hope to hear more as I search scripture as well to grow in the Lord :) <3

Your lil sis and friend in Christ,
Stacey A.
Thank you for this reminder to walk in the light of God and putting on the light. I honor the vision deep inside and I hope that everything I do brings Glory to God. Amen

Lots of love to you in Christ,
Your sister and friend,
Stacey A. :) <3
I grew up in a very strict holiness background. By the time I reached my 20's I had become convinced I would never reach it to heaven. I tried to live a life worthy of His calling but never felt I had achieved. It was only through the discovery of God's grace that I finally realized that I belonged to Christ. Christ revealed to me through His Word that He had already accomplished for me everything that I was attempting to do to attain my salvation. He showed me how to put my complete trust in Him and not in myself. Jesus paid 100% of the cost of our salvation. Those who are trusting in Him for everything are the elect. I am so happy today to know that I am a part of God's family and I am very happy to have found this network. The family of God is the most wonderful thing in this world. God's family is the reason this vast universe exists. God bless you all.
Hi Brother Roy Wilson,

Amen I am also glad to be a part of God's family. I love Jesus and I trust in Him with all my heart. God knows me and I serve the Lord. As I grow in Christ I hope that all of my actions are understood by many as to shedding light and not the other way around :) <3 I am glad you have found this network and it sounds like you are enjoying yourself welcome to the family in Christ on AAG :) <3

Lots of love and care to you my brother Roy and God bless you too. :) <3
your sister and friend,
Stacey A.
Thank for all of this my beloved and honorable sis Michelle God bless you always in loving kindness and forever more Amen :) <3 Shine Jesus Shine I love you in all GOdliness :) <3


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