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I feel lost my friends, my anxiety which I though was being lifted off of me, has gone nowhere. I don't know what to think or feel anymore regarding my faith. I still love God, but I am seriously suffering. I keep trying to understand his will for me at this time, but have not succeeded. I don't really know what to do and what to even pray for anymore. I understand some reasons for my anxiety, but I am having a very difficult time viewing myself from this lens. If I look back to the past, I feel scared and I do not want to face the pain..

I have to ask God why have you left me? I just do not feel his presence anymore and wonder will I ever again? I feel down that I backslid many months ago and have come to the conclusion that this must be punishment. I know this may sound dramatic, but I am so confused. I hear songs of how much he loves us and people say the same thing, but what good is knowing that if you cannot "feel" it. If there were any a time that I need to feel his presence it would be now....:-(

Sorry for the downer post but I am just trying to figure this all out and wondered if anyone here has experienced the same thing.



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Sarah....... I think your thinking this way over the top. Jesus does not want you to think he' has not abandoned you.... he's just listening.................. then when you become silent........he will give you the answer he feels you need. until then pray .... be vigilant.............then you will see and understand. bless ya
Thank you.

"Be Still and know that I am God", is one of my favorite verses. It has also been coming to my mind lately, and yet I have not taken much time to do that. I agree and will absolutely take heed to that still small voice, instead of my own fearful one.

Thank you for your response and God Bless you.
Hi Sarah,

Oh my dear Jesus has not left you. He never will leave you. We cannot trust our feelings, they are always based on circumstances which fluctuate moment by moment.

God will never leave you nor forsake you. You mentioned you are looking back... you are facing the wrong direction. When we look back and remember the difficult pain.. it becomes even more difficult. If you look at your problems they will seem unsurmountable, but they are not too big for God to handle. That is why you must always turn your eyes upon Jesus.

Please study the sovereignty of God.. Pray about it and study it! You must truly realize how Big God is...

I have a few things to share with you..

1) A Paul Washer Sermon..
2) A song..
3) and a Verse-- Jeremiah 32:17

Paul Washer sermon..

and a song...--Turn your eyes Upon Jesus

Love you sister..
In Him, Carla
Dear Carla,

Wow! well first let me say thank you. Tonight has been so very amazing I cannot even begin to tell you, except that I know now the Lord is there with me, and I now know that for sure. That Paul Washer video, is a gift. I remember watching it last year, little did I know what a profound effect it would have on me almost a year later. I believe that for me, feeling so down and abandoned is not God leaving me but he's right there, making me confront what I have so long avoided. I went to my recovery group tonight and learned so much, I came home and found these messages which just added to my earlier revelations. I am going through this hardship, but that is the road to peace. The blessing once again, is that it is forcing me to confront my control issues, I need to let go and Let God. I need to trust in him.

It makes all the difference in the world to truly know that he is there, and I am learning that his timing may be hard to accept but it is always purposeful.

He is there in the good and the bad, he loves me, he will not forsake me. Learning to love myself is teaching me about his Love, that I can just be, nothing less, nothing more. What a powerful revelation!!!!!

Well I am not sure how much sense this post makes, but I just had to comment, I thank you again for your words of encouragement and wisdom. You truly are such a blessing Carla, God Bless you.

Love you,

I am Praising God with you Sarah... Remember it is God who does it.. We just need to give Him the elbow room! boy... He is sure teaching me this same thing..

Blessings and Love, Carla
Hi Sarah,
You are never alone. You are so precious to God. He cares for you very deeply. Please relinquish your cares to God. He wants to help you.

God bless,
Mary O.
Hello Sarah my name is yolanda I sometimes have feeling of anxiety Sometimes I put other peoples need in front of my own.My anxiety had gotten so bad at one point I was afraid to live and die I had just had my son I felt like my life was over I had a low self esteem about myself And the people that so-called love me failed me I tried everything to be perfect .But my world around me was falling down around me.I had to learn that I was causing my anxiety.I had to realize that that I Can't control other people but can control how I act and respond to people.God will never forsake us if we feel depressed or anxious he said it in his word Matthew6:25saysTherefore I tell you,do not worry about your life,what you will eat or what you will drink,or your body,what you will wear.Is not life more than food,and the body more than clothing look at the birds in the air,they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns and yet your heavenly Father feeds them Are you not not of more value than they tHe lord has not forsaken you sister I know how you feel it will pass I know its hard right now.But God loves you and you will be stronger from this even if you feel anxious one day does not mean that your whole week will be like that I have learn that positive self talk and Daily prayer has help me control my anxiety and I know it can help you to sister I hope this helps you God bless you:)
Hi Yolanda,

Thank you for your reply! It always helps to know that someone else has gone through this hardship and most importantly have come out better for it!! Anxiety certainly has everything to do with control and that for me has been one of greatest defeats. I have control issues and trusting is another one. I am learning slowly and I mean SLOWLY lol that God is bringing me through this for a very good reason, so that I may find the very peace that only he can provide. I hit an all time low this evening. I felt angry, sad and depressed. I did not understand why I had to go through this, and did not want to face my painful past. I forced myself to go to my recovery group and learned so much there, I felt so much better after sharing my struggles. I realize I am not alone, there are others such as yourself who too have been where I am, but the Lord does not forsake he brings us through it. I know and have confidence in this moment that he is bringing me through this so that I may have that life Jesus told us about, that I may have life more abundantly. No not by materials, maybe not even good health, but everlasting peace that nothing else could reproduce, peace with myself and peace with God. There is no greater gift then that :-)

Thank you for the scripture and tips I shall certainly make serious use of them. I need to STOP the negative self talk....

God bless you Yolanda,

Hey sarah i just wanted to tell you dont feel bad, this happens, it happened to me a few months ago and now i am filled with a fire for Christ that i have never felt before!!and i am also aware of the Presence of the Lord like i have never felt so trust me it will get better!!There is even a song about it called september by kirk franklin and in the lyrics he says "do you remember when it was september and God was just a prayer away, its a season it will pass" keeping praying through the doubt dont let what you see in the natural define what you KNOW in the spiritual and that is that God's will wont lead you where His grace cant protect you!!Keep sowing those seeds of faith, *Ecc 11:4 He that observeth the wind shall not sow; and he that regardeth the clouds shall not reap. * Dont let your anxiety aka clouds define your prayers He is still there its just cloudy right now, but if you keep planting those prayers in faith that he still has you in the palm of His hand, you will reap a breeze of faith that will blow those clouds away, love you sister, stand strong, the enemy loves when we are feeling down so he can bring in more chaos to torment us, remember you have already been set free, start walking in freedom, when those anxious thoughts come up, you say wait a minute now i dont speak that language i dont kno what you talking about!!My Father who sees ALL done TOLD ME i dont gotta walk in anxiety no more because i can cast all my anxieties upon Him!!

P.S your trials didnt come to STAY they came to PASS!!!
Thank you Charlene!! I love your whole message, Praise God, he is so amazing!!!. If only I could tell you how my night has turned out! I almost feel regretful for posting this topic, but forget that it has shown me the love of Christ through all of you!!

This season shall pass and when it does I am fully confident that I will truly understand just how much he does love me as that is the message I keep getting all through this. That he loves me for me, I do not have to "do" anything anymore to earn his love, that I can accept myself for who I am, through him...

Oh honestly I am emotional right now, cause this night has just been so overwhelming.

God wants to love me, you and all of us (beloved) outrageously!!

Praise God and may he continue to bless you Charlene!!

Aww im so glad you had a wonderful night!!And you can definitly look at these messages as God driving His point home into your head that He is here with you right now and always thinking of you, ill share something with you everything i typed to you, God pointed out to me and im sayin to myself okayy but i dont understand why i am stuck on these things and then all of a sudden i come across your post and Glory be to God, He is like do you remember when it was september and i sd to myself whooa i just was reading that and not even understanding why i was stuck on it for a minute like wise with the :your trials didnt come to stay they came to pass" God was giving me all of this to give to you without me even knowing it!!How mighty and powerful and all knowing our God is!!It just makes you glow to know how He loves us so doesnt it!!Keep walking with your head high my sister, you are a daughter of a King!!!Love ya lots
Hi Sarah,

Part of the problem in being willing but not really able to help you here on AAG, is that we are working in the dark.

It would certainly help if you were to contact someone you can trust on a personal level and be able to speak openly, of what your past or anything else, that might have a hold on you, or is able to remove the Joy you should have in Christ.

I know of no one more capable than our beloved Carla. Carla has an extremely good background in dealing with people and her knowledge of the scriptures easily circumferences daily problems, that we all experience from time to time. I would gladly recommend that you contact her, so that the two of you can get together alone and with the Lord's help straighten any crooked paths. I am certain Carla would be only to pleased to assist you.

Your Brother in Christ


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