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Hi sir/ma' can we manage a person who had already heard the true gospel of God when they were a child? They are truly encountered God's greatness and power, but they were just their. Nothing happen to their life. How can we open or share again the word of God in a proper way to enlightened their mind again so that they will convince to follow Jesus? What advised you can give to me.

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I believe first we need to ask Holy Ghost to open their eyes, and touch their hearts to the Truth.  To the knowledge of what they need to do.  We stand ihe gap for them and intercede.  We show them that we are their for them, so when they return there we are.  We are not judging them, we are doing as we are told by  Love.  Together w/ Holy Ghost, we edify them.



Great question. The word of God does not come back void, so speak the word to him/her and the word of God would do what it was intended to do.


John 16:8 New International Version (©1984)
When he comes, he will convict the world of guilt in regard to sin and righteousness and judgment:


Live the word and your walk will expose the darkness.

"Preach the Gospel at all times. Use words if necessary" St. Francis of Assisi

I guess i would just tell them how you feel and leave the door open for them to come to you if they feel they need to.

If God opens the door, no one will shut it. If God closes the door, no one will open it.

Live by example and let the light of Jesus shine thru you. Hopefully this person will see your light and, like a moth, be drawn to you so that they may be lead back to God.

Good luck and God bless.

God is Soooooo Coooooool


hi Hayven

it's very easy, Jesus says "take my yoke upon you for my yoke is light and easy" be the sermon  one example i was driving, the car in front of me started stalling, she got the car pulled off to the shoulder of the road, she wanted to get it home as she was moving to the city i live in, from a fare distance away, i said,i would follow her, in case the car broke down again, we got almost to the next lights, i said if we try to get through the lights and don't make it as soon as the police see the car they call the tow truck and it costs you $160.00, i know i broke down in that intersection, i was fortunate, God was looking out for me, a toe truck was close behind me and it only cost $85.00, it is a very busy intersection, she was a student starting teachers collage, so i said, she could rent a u-haul trailer and i would tow the car on it, with my truck, for her, she was thankful,  we had to drive to another city to pick one up about 20 minuet drive,we talked on the way, she had been raised in a religion, but found it useless, we got to the u-haul, hocked up the trailer, the lights wouldn't work, so they wouldn't release the trailer, so we unhooked and canceled the transaction, we drove back to her car, she figured she could get her uncle to come and fix it as he is a auto mechanic but he wasn't home and is about 45 minute drive away, i said lets try to drive it back to the other corner there is a tool company they will be closed tomorrow and monday and i know the owners i'll send them an e-mail and let them know the situation i am sure they won't mind, you parking the car there so you won't get a ticket, and they were fine with it, during all this we are talking about many things at the app orate time i said have you ever told a lie she said yes, have you ever stole any thing she said no well maybe something small, have you ever lusted she said after things or people i said ether or, or  both, she said yes were human, she was moving in with her boyfriend she would like to get married but thinks it cost too much, i said you just told me you are lying, thieving, adulteress, then i told her the good news, that being Jesus paid the price for her sins, my sins, and any who would come to him, her religion being the most predominate one of our day, didn't tell her that, i told her all this happened because God wanted you to hear of his love for you, this took about 2 1/2 hours, so be the sermon reach out to help someone, listen to them and speak when the Holy Spirit gives you opportunity, the work is the Lords we are just the vessel, ask the Lord to give you divine opportunities he will, your bro 


Thank you bro ruy for the's a big help for me....:-)..and can I ask you a prayer request for my self....thnk u and God bless..


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