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Good evening.

 I am looking to speak to someone about the supernatural, or at least some supernatural phenomena.

I feel the bible speaks about certain supernatural occurrences, such as jesus liberating someone from demonic possession, or healing the blind with spittle and clay/dust, and yet in the world today we reject such notions (normally due to what we've seen on TV) and often ridicule and laugh at them.

I have been to many priests, pastors, and religious persons in various form about my issue. Unfortunately in most instances I am disbelieved.
I do not judge or blame: if someone tried to tell me what I am talking about a few years ago, I would consider them mad.
However it has helped guide my faith, bring me closer to Christ our Lord and saviour, and also guide my life, so i cant do much but carry this and persevere to find meaning in it.

(Apologies for talking in riddles slightly, id like to build more information slowly so as not to scare anyone off)
I'm looking to speak to someone, ideally who can be open minded, and give me the benifit of the doubt in order to explore the possibility of what I experienced.

I've had enough people doubt me, laugh at me, nd even tell me im imagining things.
I'm looking for someone who doesn't judge, can leave aside the judgements, and explore the possibility of what COULD be as opposed to what COULDNT be.

Sorry if im coming across as forward, considering im new here.

I'm a bit self conscious, please go easy on me. :)

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sorry, perhaps I shouldn't have used the example of demon-possesion; I was talking about Luke 4:35

I simply meant that it is in the bible, but we're very quick to judge it as trickery in real life (normally because we don't WANT to believe it)

I had some issues with pain a few years back. After a few operations my Doctor suggested I seek an expensive and radical therapy to cure my CPD (chronic pain syndrome)

It involved me being sedated for quite a while at a time, over the course of a week or so.

While this happened I had what is known locally as an "out of body experience".

I'm not talking I flew to the 7-11. I mean I actually went to where "the light at the end of the tunnel" was.

It was SO real, and SO detailed. Nothing I'd read about or had seen before.

I understood things there, some amazing, some terrible. It was a really different dimension all together.

For example I could see in complete 360'

I can't describe the feeling of being able to see behind you while you're looking forward - it's something that is just the most immense and spiritual experience of my life.

I went into the white light, and while I was there I spoke to something, or someone. And the things I discussed there slowly started coming true over time when I came back to "real life".

I don't just mean I backwards ratonalised that I would get a cat or something; like REAL life-changing things that no-one could have predicted.

It's reaffirmed my faith in god, and higher powers than myself

I feel people have a right to know, I'm not sure if that's allowed - but I may have been shown for a reason, and if helps to bring more faith to others, or some to those who need it, I think it's a good thing.

I can tell you more about it if you have questions?

Or do you think I was just "hallucinating", or am mad?

I've had some people of devout faith REFUSE to believe on grounds of their faith. It makes me quite sad, because if they'd seen what I'd seen, they'd know that SO MUCH was possible. I just want to share that I think. That feeling.


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