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Trying this here and hope it comes across in a good table format.  I've been going through Revelations for some time now and this is where I'm at, kind of concluded the chart but still have a lot of questions remaining.  Anyone want to delve in and add anything to this?

It's too long to place here so I'm trying to place the document itself.  


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It's going to take me a  week to read that chart hahahaaha

It's taken me about 3 months to do it and I'm still revising. LOL


I just glanced at it and I'm like WOW!!! Very thorough, wouldn't you agree?

How far this wonderful Sister in Christ has come in the few years I have "known" her. Like a brilliant fruit tree you have blossomed. Smart, funny, kind, compassionate and very very tenacious! I'm no Bible scholar but I sure am happy to see your progress my dear Sister and friend.
Your Brother in Christ,

Thanks JM. My day needed brightening badly. You just brightened it up. ;)


Do you mind if I download this to my PC, so I can look over it?

No problem. I'm going through some minor additions and revising here and there. I'll post it again once I'm satisfied with the final chart. It has been a great endeavor and I've learned a lot from it.


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