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Religious Persecution - Please Help Paul Essex - Leicestershire, United Kingdom

Dear All,

I am writing to ask that you consider the following message and that you support me through this difficult process as fellow Christians.

It was only when going through a very difficult and traumatic time that allowed me to suddenly find faith in God.

It was due to this religious persecution resulting from this belief in God that made me become wrongly sectioned under mental health. 

 The poor treatment by NHS made the trauma worse where I have been gravely misdiagnosed where no symptoms were present for the condition (First episode Psychosis). I have never had any other mental health problems that had been reported and this overall decision can't be challenged easily as a patient.

However, due to the situation, Leicestershire Hospitals Trust refuses to admit that it was at fault in sectioning me due to fear of losing their position. I am also very worried about the attached side effects of the medication that I am being forced to take as linked below:

Please may I ask that you submit a formal complaint as they will take your concerns seriously. As a fellow Christian, I trust you understand that this is the correct decision. I am currently being held by the Leicestershire Partnership Trust where the complaint form has been linked below:

The religious persecution Christians is a global issue that is present in developed countries such as the United Kingdom as demonstrated, Please may I ask that you all support me in getting discharged.

I ask that you involve all your friends and family to support me as this is a global issue that needs to be resolved for all of us.

Many Thanks


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Mind if I ask you a few questions? How old are you? Who called the mental health services in the first place? What made them call the mental health providers? What were you doing that they felt was no 'normal' - whatever normal is? What gives them the legal right to hold you & force you to take medication? What type of medication do they have you on? Sorry if I'm asking too many things but it's always better to know more if I'm going to put myself out there for you.

Hello, sorry if my friend doesn't answer your questions as you expected. I need your help to guide my friend too. But before, can we use private message in this network? Thanks.

Hi Paul,

Much like Tammy I'd like to hear more about the circumstances around how you were admitted in the first place.  Also, how are you getting access to a computer and the internet?

I'm here as i am following my religious convinction. People both misunderstand and therefore wrongly fear God.  However the lord is very forgiving and asks everyone to acknoweldge their mistakes to allow us to move forward in a positive direction with the lord.

I ask that you join me in sharing the message of our lord in heaven.

25 yrs old. I called an ambulance as others were worried about the message. No symptoms present of a delusion.section 2 of mental health allows forced medication. The medication side effects have been communicated above. No prior issues reported before section. I am a physics graduate who places faith in evidence.

When you say that you're following your convictions, what are those convictions specifically? Were you sharing the Good News (The Gospel) with your family & they said you were delusional? In the UK, 60% of the population are Christian. Surely they have heard about Christianity & have a little knowledge of what we believe. I guess I'm trying to really ask you questions & not offend you at the same time. If I do offend you, please forgive me as I'm just wanting to know the background a bit. 

You said you were sharing the gospel.  In what manner were you sharing as far as your presentation, body language & demeanor? Were you excited & wanted to just share with them what's going on in your own life? Or did you point out their specific transgressions & tell them they need to get it right or they're going to hell? Were you yelling or speaking with love & gentleness? Did you use the Bible to show them proof of what you were sharing? Did they talk you into turning yourself over? Is this the first time you've been admitted? If you admitted yourself, can you not sign yourself out as it was voluntary & you have no signs of delusion.

Why do you think others fear God? You said they understand so why would they fear Him if they understand? Of course, we're to have holy fear but the fear you speak of is different.

As far as the meds go, are you having those symptoms listed? How many milligrams are they giving you? Many mental health facilities just make the patients numb because they don't want to deal with them. They don't try to help them or understand what's going on. Have you spoken to any therapists? Also, at 25 years old, how does someone force an adult into a mental health facility if they haven't harmed themselves or others or show signs that they might? Carla asked how you have access to the computer & internet? It seems if the mental facility thinks you're calm enough & smart enough to access a computer, you have sense enough to walk the streets. Your achievements alone as a physics graduate speaks volumes as far as your intelligence. 

I wouldn't consider myself a prophet as we are all created as equals. I believe there is one supreme deity with many different interpretations. I do not wish to be worshipped where all devotion is to be made to the lord. 

We all make mistakes and this includes myself.

To be honest with you Paul, these 3 sentences in no way answered any of the questions I've asked. Maybe it's a sensitive topic for you & if so, I understand why you don't want to answer them or talk extensively about it. 

Talking about being a prophet - even if you were, it doesn't make me less in the Lord & you greater. Yes, we're all equal at the foot of the cross but He does give different talents & gifts to different people. These aren't to make you feel mighty but it is for His glory. The Lord does have prophets tho I'm not so sure there are any today. Everything that has come to past & everything that is to come has already been prophesied  so I'm not sure the Lord needs modern-day prophets.

You are correct. There is only 1 God. God is a Tri-unity, with each Person of the Godhead equally and fully and eternally God. Not sure what you mean when you say He has many different interpretations. Maybe you can expound a little more on that.

About you being worshipped, not sure what you mean by this statement. Has someone tried worshipping you? And yes, all glory, honor, praise & worship belong to the Lord. 

Hi Paul,

You said ''I wouldn't consider myself a prophet ...''

Who said anything about you being a prophet?  

You said ''I believe there is one supreme deity with many different interpretations.''

What are the other interpretations?

Thanks, Carla

Dear all,

Thank you for your responses. I'm sure you'd understand the difficulties faced in responding due to my situation where it is perhaps best not to disclose the technology used to communicate here.

A number of your questions can be answered though looking at section 2 of the mental health act 1983. I am on a daily dose of 10mg of medication which I don't believe is helping.

I believe looking at Islam shows another intepretation of our deity where the message of compassion is conveyed.

Hi Paul,

How is Jesus portrayed in Islam?  I understand that HE is portrayed and interpreted as merely a prophet, but certainly not as God Himself as Christians believe.  Who do you understand Jesus to be?  What are the other interpretations, as you indicated that there are 'many interpretations'?

It's difficult to respond since you are being so vague.  

Islam is a false religion & Allah is a false god. Everything they teach goes 100% against the Bible. Why do you think they behead Christians? They hate us. One thing they do agree with us on is Jesus is going to come back one day but they don't believe He's the Son of God. Imagine that. They also believe He was perfect which they don't believe that even with their own prophet Mohammad. I could go on like when Abraham took Isaac up to sacrifice him, they believe Abraham took Ishmael, his bastard son. They also have a list of do's & don'ts they have to abide by if they want to even catch a glimpse of their Allah. They pray 5 times a day. If they martyr themselves for their religion - killing Christians or Europeans with strap-on bombs, they believe they're going to receive 72 virgins. Not sure why they want 72 virgins because they can't treat 1 woman right here on earth. 

Like Carla, it's hard to peg down a specific answer since your answers are few & far between. 


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