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Please pray for these people who have cancer. As we pray we know that God does what man thinks impossible.
this is list #3

Dominic, 3 years old- suspected Lukemia,

Christy Carrizoza- thyroid cancer,
Helen, Charlie, and Jan- cancer,

Cindy G. Krell- cirrosis of the liver and a tumor,
Cortny, in Shirly's family- Hodgkins lymphoma,
Ms. Rosy- tongue cancer,
Elizabeth Smith- pneumonia, blood clots in both lungs, and cancer,
Agnes Clark- high blood pressure, lost sight in one eye, and lung cancer,

Gary Anderson- cancer,
Mrs. Dongi- lung cancer
Mrs. Cheryl- doubtful about uterus cancer,
Michael- blood cancer,
Allen Soucy- cancer returned 2 years ago, his health is declining, he is loosing weight and is depressed,

Jason Hoffman- esophageal cancer,
Kenneth Gossa- pancreas cancer,
 Bill Inman- thyroid cancer,
Fatina- blood cancer, she needs to find a local church and be saved,

(the following are now cancer free! Thank you Father for these blessings, we pray they continue living cancer free)

Bruno Wolfe of North Carolina
Don porter
Gerald Joanisse and Gerald Wright

We pray that God will send us a cure and also we pray for the men and women in the military overseas. May they return soon and safely.

Thanks for the help praying. Let me know if anyone needs to be added
to the list.
God Bless
Ken O.

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