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Hi Gang,

Please join me in welcoming our newest moderator, JourneymanHD!

Journeyman will be taking over greeting the new guy members from Bob who has done a great job for many months now and would like to moderate some forums.


Journeyman joins our other moderators: Bev, Bob B, Carla, Jonathan, LT, Moomins, Nienie and Stew. Please pray for them and also let them know you appreciate their good and faithful work in the Lord.

We give thanks for each and every one of our members. Please uplift Journeyman in your prayers and keep praying that TheNET would be known as place of encouragement with each of us speaking the truth of God's Word in love!

Grace be with you all!


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Andre -

I knew you were an undercover cop; you have that cop look hahaha
Hey bro - welcome to the wacky world of sports... ooooppppssss wrong tread. hehe

Ok enough of my silly humor; it is good to have you bro.

You are a blessing beloved.Thank you for continuing to make your life available for our Lord to use you. Anything I can help with let me know. Remember you and me are friends, so please no tickets ok hahahaha

Blessings :)

I think these dancing guys say it all.. We're so pleased to have you on board!

God Bless!


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