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God's word says
"Love your enemy" is this includes loving our enemy Satan?

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Does Agape (love) necessitate interaction? I think you're adding your own thinking here...I certainly have NOT written this NOR have I imputed it in my posts

In fact, I haven't even argued here that we should indeed "love the satan"'s strange how people can construct so much more into one's answers than is actually written. If you look above, all you will see is that I asked a question...."...can someone Agape the satan, then?" Does asking a question mean that I am advocating this? Of course not. This an erroneous conclusion that you are forming in your own mind

Then Chip Fitzpatrick also made assumptions that I am advocating "loving the satan" But...did I disagree with what he has written? No. But I was extremely annoyed by his response and so I posted those scriptures instead.I very well know what is the actual context of those scriptures...but I was interested in reading his response

So...let me now make myself quite clear...I see no Biblical evidence whatsoever for "loving the satan". In fact, I do not even concern myself as to what or who this "adversary" is because Yeshua has already defeated him..or it. And I do not concern myself with angels either...I serve and worship God only Is that understood?

What I would like to add though is very careful not be so quick to judge
Peace beloved,

When I respond to a post I am not only addressing your question or asking a questioned about what was stated (we all add our own thinking and we all hope our own thinking is a biblical one which aligns to scripture) not on your last post of course, but i do read all the previous posts (yeah i got to get a life hahaha) and go from there. I also include comments to benefit all the readers and in addition I bring up another angle of the topic whenever that is appropriate.

I am not mad, neither offended nor saying that you said that we should love Satan beloved. I will be more specific to your messages from here on ok :)

We love to discuss all and any subject here, but we DO NOT OFFEND ONE ANOTHER or try to offend anyone. So my bad.

I was not saying you were stating that. My post is up above and I do not read that anywhere.

FYI: We are fun loving Christians who are deeply in Love with our Lord and we are not competing against each other or trying to win arguments.


Sorry to hear: "I was extremely annoyed by his response"
I have never been extremely annoyed in all my time here. Our joy was given to us by OUR JESUS - and no man can take it away.

Put the guns away beloved, you scaring me bro hahaha J/K man. Is a beautiful day in Cali - I just bought me a Kenwood Amp, it's so cool you all.

Blessings Familia!

I appreciate your reply, and I accept what you have written. In fact, I do like this particular network. I'm sorry that I reacted as I did....but I really did begin to feel that I was being sorely misunderstood. Becoming annoyed or upset is a normal human's what God has created within us.

Now, as my whole life is Paul wrote " live is Christ and to die is gain.." then the worst possible thing anyone can do is to suggest otherwise, that I do not love Him or worship Him. I do hope that you understand where I am coming from...perhaps you have felt the same? live in California? Whereabouts? I expect the weather has been better there than here in the rainy UK. And I don't think you get snow there the eastern states have quite recently. Enjoy your new amp. Is it for home or the car?
There is a question that must be considered when pondering the question of this post. "What is love as is relates to God and thus to the believer in Jesus Christ?"

Some say love is a verb (action).
Some say love is an affection towards others.
Some say it is who God is.
Some say it is a fruit of the Spirit.
Some say it is a state of being that determines our actions.

What say you (meaning any who read this)?

Lord Bless,


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