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Basically, there are two primary groups in the world = Believers in Almighty God, through His son, Jesus Christ......and unbelievers in the same.

Foundation of Believers - Faith, Hope, and Love (And the greatest of these is Love)

Foundation of nonbelievers - Envy, Laziness, Pride, and Doubt (All of which is sin)

So we have lovers of self (sin)......lovers of the Lord (justified through Jesus).

Are there people who profess to be believers still carrying any of that old sin baggage around in their lives? 

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Hello to all who come here,

We need to open up the objective of this discussion . Let me attempt to clarify the thread:

Considering the 4 elements of sin........let's look at the situation in the Garden of Eden:

(1).  Genesis 3:1 -  Interaction between the devil and Eve starts with a question........This is a favorite beginning of Satan, start with a question in a person's mind.

(2). Genesis 3:2,3, Eve responds, but displays defensiveness....this is where the enemy wants us.

(3.) Genesis 3:4,5, Satan plants doubt, envy, and pride in his victim (Eve, and whoever).

(4). Genesis 3:6, Satan ices the cake with laziness,envy, and pride).

Score of the confrontation = Satan - victory......victim - loss.

Now just use Satan's formula down through the ages with....whomever.

Are children of God prone to his tactics? (I Peter 5:8), "Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls about like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour." (N.A.S.B.).

What do you think?

The enemy, as long as he is loose, will never tire of using his tactics and tends to use his favorite ones over and over. Once we become a child of God we have had our eyes opened to who God is and this should also stand true of knowing who Satan is. To Eve he came as a friend and she interacted with him. We recognize him as the enemy and are told to resist him (1 Peter 5:9) and that when we draw near to God he will flee. I think we are most vulnerable before we sin when we are idle (understanding that in sin we have already failed). For example, we find Eve (and Adam) idly standing by in the one place they should have avoided ... in front of the tree. To our knowledge from Scripture they had only one "Thou shalt not" rule. The stages for failure is set and Satan enters the scene. I can only imagine that he must have thought to himself "This is just too easy" (regarding getting Eve to partake of the fruit).

Idleness is dangerous.

Being in the wrong place is dangerous.

Fixating on what tempts us is dangerous.

Listening to the wrong person or people is dangerous.

You asked:
"Are there people who profess to be believers still carrying any of that old sin baggage around in their lives?"

I believe many are struggling to heal from the effects caused by "old sin baggage" and the effects themselves may be very heavy burdens, or baggage. I also believe that no one lives in sinless perfection. Salvation, for me, depends upon Jesus and His work on my behalf. I was saved by grace through faith and I am able to continue in Him only because of faith and grace, too. It is true, as I heard in the sermon at my church this morning, that God requires perfection, and Jesus met the requirement for me, was my Substitute, both in His perfect life and in His death, which satisfied the wrath of God and paid the penalty for my sins. Now, I am holy and righteous but it is His holiness and righteousness that I have. Also, as my minister said, it doesn't mean I can live anyway I want. I am now redeemed, purchased, bought for a price and belong to God. God has all rights and privileges to me. I am not my own. I am totally dependent upon God. Even for healing from old sin baggage.

Amen,  Amanda and LT.

Amanda, That's an excellent assessment of our Lord and Savior. Let me add to your post - Galatians 2:20. Glad to hear that you were in church this morning.

And LT, excellent point about Adam and Eve hanging out in a place they should have avoided.

Eve did stretch the truth with the "Thou shalt not even touch the tree". Yes, there was only one listed "Thou shalt not......."

Grace and Peace, guys.

I don't love myself Richard but I sure put myself before God. Im wrong I know I am. I am trying to wake up I am trying to get closer to God.... <---------- I just typed that last sentence and instantly my mind is saying what a crock of lies. Im not doing anything to know God . Maybe pray now and then and read a bit gere and there. Maybe watch a video or two.  The Word I need to read the Word.  I am the lazieness and doubt person I guess. Thank you for posting this. 


You are in a better position with the Lord than you think you are.

Anyone who will admit to putting themselves ahead , or in front, of on the right track to move in the right way.

And to admit that you're not trying to get closer to God.......well you are ready to move.....closer.

Janie, how about trying in reverse? Here's what I mean:

Start listing all your bad habits, short-comings, negative features, anything you don't like about yourself..........write 'em down on little pieces of paper. Put 'em in a jar......and draw one out once a week, or once a month, or whatever. Concentrate on improving that negative item gradually or by deleting it.

Set up a regular quiet time with God at a regular time period. Use conversational you're talking to a close friend......about your troubles and your triumphs. Just talk in a normal tone. And  if there are some periods of silence - this is o.k. too.

Start noticing  high-lights about yourself. Compliment yourself when you accomplish something. Don't drag yourself down. Satan loves to see us cutting ourselves - physically, mentally, and of course, spiritually.

Please read the Book of chapter a day, or week.

Please post your progress.

I'm praying for you.

Grace and Peace.

>>Are there people who profess to be believers still carrying any of that old sin baggage around in their lives?

Too many of us remain giving our flesh it's desires. Hence we need to put it to death by a daily diet of the word, prayer, praise/worship and fellowship.

Amen. As you always told me, our walk isn't passive -- we must abide in Christ. For several months I felt like I was being idle because I no longer was working a job outside the home, but recently God has shown me that I'm not being idle. A full time mom and wife and being a keeper at home is a really big calling. I find strength from being in the word and praying. I'm learning to praise God again, and still struggling in the fellowship part but at times succeeding, and I so enjoy worship and, yes, daily, not just on Sunday mornings. Thanks for helping me by prayers and encouragement in the past. I'll always feel indebted.


We are the body of Christ. You are a member of his body. You hurt, I hurt. You rejoice, I rejoice.

Praise God! Thank you for the encouragement you have been to all of us. Let's press on....

David V.,

Good words Bro.

Grace and Peace to you and yours.....both in the open....and undercover.


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