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Im waiting to receive my final divorce decree in the mail.  My husband asked for the separation and divorce and refused counseling saying it was too little too late.  I am so angry at myself and my failures in this marriage.  I'm disapoointed that I acknowledged things that were off, and did nothing about them, and now ended up in this situation.  I love my husband with all my heart, but I obviously did not do a good job of showing him that.  We are both Christians, but only I was attending church these last few months.  He's never  been involved in church and didn't like discussing christianity and Jesus.  As I sit and wait for my papers, how do I get away from placing all the blame on myself. Ive repented to God and to my stbx as well for my sins and failures.  I just feel so lost, confused and alone. 

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You know sis we all need to be reminded of the fundamentals of our faith from time to time. Life hits us hard for multiple reasons at times and we find the need to be reminded what happened on that day the Lord walked in to our lives and called us His own.

From that day on, you ceased to be just a creation of God and became the daughter of the Almighty. He promised you never to leave you nor forsake you. God does not lie. We go about doing our own thing until we see that we are lost without Him. He remains faithful and Loves you just the same as the day He called you His own. So He is there to comfort you as soon as you cry out to Him.

You will be in my prayers.


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