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I'm just wondering what is the limits on sexual sins being that the bible never directly talk about masturbation

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I don't know about the act itself, but what you're thinking about could be according to Matthew 5:28.
I'm curious though and hope someone can answer better.

Great question,


Check out this discussion:

Is masturbation a sin? :

Many people are struggling with addictions to pornography, sex, masturbation, drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, and so on.

Paul tells us in the letters to the Corinthians that we are free to do many things, but not to fall under the power of any of them, become addicted in other words. He also tells us that not all things edify us.

Can a person masturbate and not become addicted to this extremely addicting practice? i am sure there are those out there that would say - yes - I am able to do it once a week or once a month or etc... without thinking lustful thoughts, but don't we believe that when we are abiding in Christ, walking in the Spirit, those desires disappear from our mind? And our lives become full of joy and preoccupied only with those things pleasing to the Lord? i believe 100% that as we abide in Christ we can overcome the desires of the flesh, which is what masturbation is. A desire of the flesh.

I am familiar with the argument below:
Gratifying the flesh is not always wrong.

"One reason why this is a false argument against masturbation is because the New Testament never says that "gratifying the flesh" is a sin. For example, when you scratch an itch then you are "gratifying the flesh." When you're hungry and you eat something, you are "gratifying the flesh." In fact, when a husband and wife make love then they are "gratifying the flesh" in a sexual way. These things are not sins, so "gratifying the flesh" is not sinful in itself.

Instead, the sin is in the method that we use to "gratify the flesh" (such as adultery). If we can prove from the Bible that masturbation is a wrong method for "gratifying the flesh," then masturbation would be a sin. But the argument that masturbation is "gratifying the flesh" doesn't mean anything because "gratifying the flesh" is not sinful in itself."

So God did not think that masturbation needed to be addressed in the Bible. As Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family says, "It is my opinion that masturbation is not much of an issue with God." (Preparing for Adolescence, Dr. James Dobson, p.83).

I would say this much in conclusion, if you are able to masturbate without the use of lust (porn etc..) and you have a good relationship with Chrit and yet do not get any conviction from the Spirit of the practice, then that is between you and the Lord. If you battle with sexual immorality issues in the past, including masturbation addiction, and/or God has told you directly to stay away from masturbation, then obey God.Just my thoughts-

Be Blessed Family!


Thanks for that!

Great post Wicus.


Love and blessings to you beloved.

Thanks for your post, and all the scripture reference!
This is a very interesting topic indeed ,I didnt read everything here yet Wicus ,but just one thing ..if sex is not a biological necessity ,then how do we reproduce ?
Mustarbation is a sexual is mess before God
Continue to commit this act and see where it will take you at the end it is evil before God it is not pleasing before God it is unholy I use to be in this act long ago I am free from this I always feel guilty committing this act I am sure that if I continue everyday committing this act I will burn in hell. May God help us open his eyes to the Word everything in this world is in the Word of God America is in Bible and so on there is nothing hidden in God's Word God Words has all the answers to our life this world. God bless Sister Phylicia even though the Bible did not mention mastabuation I strongly believe that this act is clearly a sin and that God does not approve of this what about pornagraphy another not mention in the Bible not all sins are mention in the Bible Sis. just some the important ones. I hope and pray that you are free from this act.
JESUS bless u wicus reed...

Sakthysharon, this is very interesting. I have searched numerous current and old versions of the Bible in English. None of them give us this interpretation. The statements there seem to all include perverse sexual acts, especially in regards to sex with people that are not our spouse. 


It seems to me however, that the deeper issue is lust. What is the problem with masturbation is that it tends to be a fountain of lust, whether due to pornography or otherwise. 


Lust, like covetousness is a deep heart issue for us and we must devote our hearts to Christ to be free from such things. Only when we see creation as belonging to God can we see it this way. David said "against YOU and YOU alone have I sinned." now we know that David sinned against his wife, against his nation, against Uriah and even against Bathsheba in his lust and adultery. However, David's heart knew that all of these were sins against the creator of all things. 

who says God didn't mention masturbation Leviticus 15:16. The actual word isn't there but the act is. The person in the act is found to be unclean. In Hebrew terms that means unGodly. And yes the verses go on to tell us how we are made clean. Leviticus 15:31 gives a grave warning. Yes all the other thoughts are very true yet they leave holes for arguement  Leviticus 15 doesn't. 

Hello Dean,


Thank you for sharing. Have you considered this interpretation of the verse?


Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible

And if any man's seed of copulation go out from him,.... Not in lawful cohabitation, nor voluntarily, but involuntarily, as Aben Ezra observes; not through any disorder, which came by an accident, or in any criminal way, but through a dream, or any lustful imagination; what is commonly called nocturnal pollution (c):

then he shall wash all his flesh in water, and be unclean until the even; and so the Egyptian priests, when it happened that they were defiled by a dream, they immediately purified themselves in a laver (d) so the Jewish priests did when the like happened to them asleep in the temple (e); see Deuteronomy 23:10


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