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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Any and all content placed on this site may be viewable to others via the internet outside of TheNET (i.e. Google, etc).


You can edit your personal information by following these instructions:


1) Find your name on any AAG page.

2) Below your name you will find five links. They are Sign Out, Inbox, Alerts, Friends, and Settings.

3) Click on “Settings” which will load a new page.

4) This page has several main topics down the center of the page. Each topic is in bold. They are Photo, Profile, Profile Questions, Mobile Uploads, and Account Balance.

5) To change your visible name find the topic “Profile.” In that section you will see a box next to the words “Full Name.” Simply change the name in that box to something that does not disclose your full name or who you are. It Could be Scott M. or SM or whatever you wish. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Save.”

6) Now find “Profile Questions.” There you will find various boxes. The ones that have a lock next to the heading for that box are locked and not visible to anyone but the AAG leadership. You will notice that “Real First Name” has a lock next to it. Further down you will find headings that do not have a lock next to them. These are open for all to see. You can simply replace that text with whatever you would prefer others to see. Then scroll down and click on “Save.”

7) Go to your home page and verify that the changes have taken effect.


To further secure your privacy you can also do the following:

1) Find your name on any AAG page.

2) Below your name you will find five links. They are Sign Out, Inbox, Alerts, Friends, and Settings.

3) Click on “Settings” which will load a new page.

4) On this page look for “MY SETTINGS.” Under this you will see four links. Click on “Privacy.” Here you will find the topic of “Privacy Settings.”

5) Under “Privacy Settings” the first one is “My profile page and friends can be viewed by…” Select “Just My Friends.”

6) Scroll down and click on “Save.” Only your friends and the AAG leadership will see your information from this point on.


Lord Bless,

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Thank you for sharing these tips and guidelines with us, LT!


Abundant Blessings,


thank you for the wonderful greeting that i have received be blessed

Thanks for your guidelines. I have made nessasery changes. God Bless you.

I thank you for sharing this that it will be of help and guide us God Bless you LT!



You are welcome.


Lord Bless,



Are you recommending that we not use our names? I think this might be a good idea. I am not too internet savvy, I guess. I really had not thought about the Google thing.



It really depends on the person and their comfort level as to whether they want to use their real name or not, but probably is not a bad idea to not use your full name. I used LT when I joined AAG because that is what I go by often in life.


Lord Bless,



Now we know you work in an office.

Ok, hit the mission impossible music! Let's see, I've been to Charleston and Morgantown.

HI I just got an email me warning me about posting personal information.  I don't know what this is referring to.  Could one of the adminstrators advise me about this?  Thanks so much! 

Gladys Brierley


We do not allow for the sharing of personal contact information on this site in order to protect our members from spammers and con artist that might come here under the guise of a Christian brother or sister. We have had numerous ministries post thier web info with the desire to get people to support them. Some email people for the same purpose. We also know that some will post their email address in order to get your information, etc ... There is no way we can follow all this up and be sure who is who, so we have chosen to ere on the side of caution. Thus, we encoruage people to email other members through the AAG email provided on THeNET and to go to our chat room, or PM in there, if they want to talk online.


Hope that helps to clarify. If not, please inquire further.


Lord Bless,


Thank you I want to join with AAG


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