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You can edit your personal information by following these instructions:


1) Find your name on any AAG page.

2) Below your name you will find five links. They are Sign Out, Inbox, Alerts, Friends, and Settings.

3) Click on “Settings” which will load a new page.

4) This page has several main topics down the center of the page. Each topic is in bold. They are Photo, Profile, Profile Questions, Mobile Uploads, and Account Balance.

5) To change your visible name find the topic “Profile.” In that section you will see a box next to the words “Full Name.” Simply change the name in that box to something that does not disclose your full name or who you are. It Could be Scott M. or SM or whatever you wish. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Save.”

6) Now find “Profile Questions.” There you will find various boxes. The ones that have a lock next to the heading for that box are locked and not visible to anyone but the AAG leadership. You will notice that “Real First Name” has a lock next to it. Further down you will find headings that do not have a lock next to them. These are open for all to see. You can simply replace that text with whatever you would prefer others to see. Then scroll down and click on “Save.”

7) Go to your home page and verify that the changes have taken effect.


To further secure your privacy you can also do the following:

1) Find your name on any AAG page.

2) Below your name you will find five links. They are Sign Out, Inbox, Alerts, Friends, and Settings.

3) Click on “Settings” which will load a new page.

4) On this page look for “MY SETTINGS.” Under this you will see four links. Click on “Privacy.” Here you will find the topic of “Privacy Settings.”

5) Under “Privacy Settings” the first one is “My profile page and friends can be viewed by…” Select “Just My Friends.”

6) Scroll down and click on “Save.” Only your friends and the AAG leadership will see your information from this point on.


Lord Bless,

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Thank you for sharing these tips and guidelines with us, LT!


Abundant Blessings,


thank you for the wonderful greeting that i have received be blessed

Thanks for your guidelines. I have made nessasery changes. God Bless you.

I thank you for sharing this that it will be of help and guide us God Bless you LT!



You are welcome.


Lord Bless,


Greetings to you in the precious name of lord Jesus Christ. Bro& Sis in Christ. We invite you to India with a warm heart, to reach the unreached in rural, tribal and slum areas, to train pastors  to conduct meetings  and share Gods word among congregations and to win souls for Christ.. Jesus loves U We love U. Pastor BBRao & Mrs.Teresa Rao India

I will seek You Lord,

Total number of Congregational information:

  Rural Congregations      -    60,

 Tribal Congregations      -     40 .

 Church Members-            -    2500                                                                                 

 Orphans                        -   75

Total widows-               -    55

 Sunday School children - 1250.

 Bible School Students        - 20                      



Three fold purpose    : To present Gods word to the world 

To praise God for the unsaved gift of salvation   through His son Jesus Christ .To

demonstrate Gods love and love of Humanity.


Two fold service: Couple of services we have taken up as Christian service and Social

 service, by the will of God through dedication and commitment to the Lords work.


Social Service:                       1 Children’s orphanage 15

                                       2. Distribution of clothing, Bibles and Tracts: Team -10 

                                       3. Free Computer center for the Poor- Needy. 15

                                       4. Free Tailoring Center for Rural Ladies 25

                                       5. Widows  Old age Home. 12

                                       6. Medical Camps for Poor. Villages in Tribal and Rural

                                       7. Help to flood victims, Leprosy- in Flood Time

                                             8. Bible School  20.


Christian Service     1. Church Planting

                                       2. Bible Seminar to-Rural Tribal pastors

                                       3. Bible clubs and Quiz for youth children

                                       4. Up lift of rural students

                                       6. Slum School for poor and needy 100 children

                                       7.Conduct Youth Retreat –For youth

Calendar of Events : We follow our Plan of action to glorify God ,

                                     Through  our activities through out calendar year.


Jan        -          New year greetings + Gospel preaching

Feb        -          Conventions + crusades

March   -          Fasting prayers Meetings

April -              Free Computer and  Free Tailoring        

                         Visiting Tribal  & Rural congregations

May       -          Gospel to the Un-reached children & VBS 

June      -          Award certificates to all Trainee students

July       -          Prayer for World peace +World Missions

Aug        -          Helping flood victims and leprosy

Sep        -          Bible Seminar for Pastors

Oct         -          Bible Quiz and Youth Retreats

Nov        -          Distribution of Bibles, Tracts &Clothing

Dec        -        Christmas Meet & Greet, Gifts to children



  Pray for the needs:    Please join us to pray for the following needs.

  1. 1.               Pray for to establish Bible college-material needed
  2. 2.               Gospel Van greatly needed for Preaching long areas
  3. 3.               Support to children / widows/ pastors/
  4. 4.               Expansion of computer center and Tailoring
  5. 5.               Medical supplies and clothes supplies to poor
  6. 6.               Church Building, Hostel building for children.


We ask you prayerfully look at the needs list above if God put it in your heart to

  help this Ministry. You pray or uplift one of the projects. Please response with your

love gift to the poor child   Matt 10: 42.-  Pro 3:27-


With love in Christ from Bro BBRao and Sister Teresa and family From India






Particulars of Staff :

1  Board of Members –     7

2 Computer Teacher-      1    [ S] Ramesh T  B.Tech Computers

3 Tailoring Teacher-        1    [ S] Esther Rani

4 Slum School Teachers 4     [V]  Prasanthi, Sharon, Karuna and Srilatha

5 CH Home Ayah             1     [S] Venkayamma Bandar

6 CH Home Cook             1     [S] Ratnamma Guntur

7 CH .Home Teacher       1     [V] Mary M

8 CH Home Doctor          1      [V] Dr. Venkata Rao

9 Night School Teacher   1     [V] Prabha Vathi

1O Old-  Aged  Watch Man-1 [V] Venknna  G

11.Bible School Lecturers 3  [S]  Ratnam Y  B.Th   ,   Victor-  BTh,    Raju  B.Th

12 Bible School Guest Lecturers 2 [V] Rev Nelson M  and  Rev -Jay Raju


V for : Voluntary—10   S for Salary – 6     Total Staff  : 16


Salary given them from the voluntary free will offerings   given by Christ like

minded brothers and sisters from India .


 Daily Menu/ Tiffen  Section For Children Home


Monday       - Idly

Tuesday      - Pulihari

Wednesday -  Upma

Thursday    -  Bajji

Friday         - Ragi Malt

Saturday     - Gari

Sunday        -Red  Upma and Special/Samya

 Daily -Morning       -Tea/milk


 Month Wise food Material  Provided to the Hostel children

  Food  -  Rice

 Curries: Vegetables - Fish- Mutton – Chicken- Egg

 Daily: Butter Milk - Sam bar- In   Functions   and  Festivals  Special Meal provided

Snacks: - Biscuits-Bread =Sweet- Hot –Banana- Fruits


Some times the menu may be adjusted according to the food

provisions supplied   


 IMP  Note : For every thing we have a right proof with supporting photos

will be sent to you beloved if you are prayerfully would like to see three


Our  vision for the future:

Social Service activities for poor and needy: We need to expand our service

Centers to up lift  the  poor and needy all are Bible focused activities.


1] Three computer Centers: [ To set up ] Each computer Center needs three computers

   Total we need 9 computers Each computer cost 550  dollars,

 9  computers x 550 = 4950 dollars


     2]  Ten  Free Tailoring Center:  [To set up] Each Tailoring Center needs three machines

      Total machines need  30 Machines .Each machine cost  50 dollars

      Thirty machines cost  50  x 30  = 1500 dollars



  3] [To set up]Ten evening free schools for slum children in 10 Centers :

     Three teachers each center needed 10 x  3 = 30 Teachers.


     Each Center needs three machines total 30 machines    

    The cost of each machine 50 dollars.

    T he cost of thirty machines for Ten Center 30 x  50 =1500 dollars

   Teachers forty at least 400 dollars  are required one year


 4] [To set up] Ten night School for adults in  Ten  Centers  : Each Night School needs

 25 slates   50 note books and 5 packets of slate pencils


 The cost of slates 25 x 10 250 slates [and each slate cost 20 rupees

 250 slates cost 2500 rupees in dollars  65 dollars] The cost of note

 Books and slate  pencils  other expense 100 dollars  for six months

and one year 200 dollars are needed


5]   Pastors fellowship once in a month for 50 pastors:


  Under our guidance we are  plan to conduct pastors fellowship  once in a

  month   for 50 pastors. First Sessions starts from 10 am to 12 Noon

  Second session begins 2 pm  and ends by 4 pm 12 pm to  2 pm lunch

  break We will provide free lunch to  fifty pastors and tea will be

 arranged who works with us in urban area  only.


  No travel will be given .Yearly once each will be given new dress

 For the fifty pastors and also free bibles and Free tracts were also

 presented to the pastors


  For fifty pastors expense for lunch and other expense for every month

  75 dollars are needed for providing lunch.

  For Bibles 50 pastors 125 dollars and in the month of Christmas

 Each one has to give one new dress the cost of fifty dresses

 at least the lowest price  for each dress 300 rupees and 50 pastors

 400 dollars are needed .

  Medical Camps are conducting for the poor and rural people

 We plan to take 250 $ dollars medicines to rural and tribal areas

 And freely distribute he medicines to the poor people in the medical camps.

 In brief we can asses the total amount for all the activities with number

mention to that extent only.  I furnish the following total amount for

all the said activities to run


1]   Three computer Centers: 4950 dollars this is the cost of computers

2]   Ten   Tailoring Centers:  2000 dollars for machines and teacher salary

3]   Ten evening schools for slum children: 400 dollars

4]   Ten Night School for adults: 200 dollars

5]   Pastor Fellowship: 760 dollars for year pastor’s fellowship

6] Free medicines camps for the poor   500 dollars

7] Reaching Jesus  to un reached 1000 kids needs  500 $ dollars

 Note:  Beloved brothers and sisters please stand in prayer with us and do

 Support   for the unfortunate and helpless and unprivileged people

for the poor and destitute who love the poor love God.  To conduct all

  the above activities we need   9500 dollars for  total expense.

 For children Home expense not included   the said expense.


We hope and love you and your heart is so kind and  generous for your are

 aware we bring nothing and we carry nothing from this world if you have

good heart please support us in any activity or program for the glory of god.



  Youth Retreats andSocial work for Slum and rural children:


Are you recommending that we not use our names? I think this might be a good idea. I am not too internet savvy, I guess. I really had not thought about the Google thing.



It really depends on the person and their comfort level as to whether they want to use their real name or not, but probably is not a bad idea to not use your full name. I used LT when I joined AAG because that is what I go by often in life.


Lord Bless,



Now we know you work in an office.

Ok, hit the mission impossible music! Let's see, I've been to Charleston and Morgantown.

HI I just got an email me warning me about posting personal information.  I don't know what this is referring to.  Could one of the adminstrators advise me about this?  Thanks so much! 

Gladys Brierley


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