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My Fiance (David) is a very strong leader and a big part of his church. God has given him the power to see and cast out demons. Unfortunately I don't have this gift and David has tried to protect me by not bringing me into these situations and when he goes to meet with someone that has a demonic presence.
The problem is, I am feeling attacked. I had a dream I was witnessing to a good friend and asked if she wanted to pray with me. She looked at me  crying and said she couldn't  because "one of those things was outside and it would get her" In, my dream I looked outside my window and there was a huge shadow. So, i started to pray over my friend and the minute in my dream I that I rebuke the spirit and i said "In Jesus name, I rebuke you, leave and never return," In real life I was lifted slightly off the bed, felt this energy go through my body and I screamed.
The moment this happened of course I prayed, but Im confused as to what happened

Does anyone have any experiences like this or opinions? I would appreciate them.

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Thank You.

The last 4 days, I have had a heavy oppression.

Now, I'm going to start a fast, becasue I can't seem to 'shake' this thing.

I have done all the above, Praying in the name of Jesus, anointing with oil.

Isaiah 48:10 KJV Behold,      I have refined thee, but not with silver; I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction.


Please keep me prayer,



Your battle is already won. Keep rebuking Satan and he will flee. Stay in the Word, keeping focused on Christ. Look to God to renew your strength. Speak with your pastor about having the elders of your church pray for you.

I am praying that you find peace in Christ through prayer and His Word.



thank You, I'm off to church right now, I will talk to them,




Sure will beloved. Thou we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we fear no evil.


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