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My Fiance (David) is a very strong leader and a big part of his church. God has given him the power to see and cast out demons. Unfortunately I don't have this gift and David has tried to protect me by not bringing me into these situations and when he goes to meet with someone that has a demonic presence.
The problem is, I am feeling attacked. I had a dream I was witnessing to a good friend and asked if she wanted to pray with me. She looked at me  crying and said she couldn't  because "one of those things was outside and it would get her" In, my dream I looked outside my window and there was a huge shadow. So, i started to pray over my friend and the minute in my dream I that I rebuke the spirit and i said "In Jesus name, I rebuke you, leave and never return," In real life I was lifted slightly off the bed, felt this energy go through my body and I screamed.
The moment this happened of course I prayed, but Im confused as to what happened

Does anyone have any experiences like this or opinions? I would appreciate them.

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Check out this discussion. It has info that might interest you.

What you have described is a demonic visitation. Common to millions. You are either surrounded or harassed by one demon. It tends to happened especially in the state when we are kind of sleep but yet awake.

Demons do it at such a time, so we can doubt the occurrence. We go through life wondering if that was just our minds playing tricks on us or did it really happen. I have also experience the lifting of the bed thing.

Before I was in Christ it would make me angry and I would ask them to materialize and stop being cowers, so I could fight them hahaahaha yeah I was pretty silly.

When I became a Christian those things completely stopped. Demons do not want to come around a Christian who is living in holiness or knows what to do in such instances. However in a time I went back to the mud and vomit of the past, they came back with a vengence. So you may very well be walking a good walk before the Lord, but if they know you don't know how to deal with such situations, God will allow them to do what you experienced not to harm you or hurt you sis, but to strengthen you. Your future hubby will probably be use in such an arena for the rest of his life, so is good for you to be equipped. Also talk to him about this. :)

First do not fear them. No reason to. I know that is easy to say and not to do. But bear with me and you will understand why.

They are not a big deal to God to destroy, no match for our Lord. They are created beings that can destroy us in a cinch if God was not in the picture, but God is and even is in control of the affairs of the unbelievers. So how much more of you child of God.
1Jn 4:4 Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.

Since your fiancé is involve in casting demons out is only natural that they will try to discourage him from such work by attacking his love ones.

God is watching all that is happening and has permitted it. He wants you to learn how to deal with such situations, that is all. This is not a game, we live surrounded by holy angels and fallen angels, and fallen angels/demons cannot do more than they are permitted. It will not always be like that and our Lord will establish His kingdom fully soon. For now let God fight for you. We cannot fight fallen angels on our own. We are made a little lower than they for now.

Heb 2:7 Thou madest him a little lower than the angels; thou crownedst him with glory and honour, and didst set him over the works of thy hands:

So how do we fight them, good question haha, we don't fight them directly but like this:

Jude 1:9 (New International Version)
9But even the archangel Michael, when he was disputing with the devil about the body of Moses, did not dare to bring a slanderous accusation against him, but said, "The Lord rebuke you!"

Instead of yelling at them or fighting them with human strength, we need to learn from the word.

If you smell, hear or see them immediately say: "The Lord rebuke you!" before going to sleep pray and ask God for peaceful leep. Abide in the word and walk in holiness.

Lord bless you friend.
I think you Brothers And Sisters for your responses and encouragement. Yes, I immediately shared this experience with my Fiance and also met with some other strong friends that prayed over me and for me. I am secure in my faith and know this was meant to discourage and distract me and I will not fall into the devils snare! I will take all you have said and apply it. Thank you so much.
God Bless,Brittany
Brittany -

Great to hear what you wrote. You are very welcome.

Be blessed and a blessing. :)
I need help in this area.
David, you said "However in a time I went back to the mud and vomit of the past, they came back with a vengence".
That is my life right now. I got back in the mud, and didn't like it at all. I rededicated my life to Christ 4 months ago, but I cannot shake this. I have prayed, fasted, read the word, and many people have prayed for me. It's better, but I need more 'peace that passes all understanding'. It's not there as much as I'd like. I feel like Job.
Any prayers you would send my way would be appreciated,
Sorry to hear about your current predicament bro. Abide in the word. Let the Word so inpower you to where you cry out to the Lord in a way pleasing to Him.Don't just read the word, Abide in it, daily. Your faith level will soar as you do.

Fear no evil beloved. God is with you. I know what a pest it is to have demonic activity, but know that God wants you to learn how to get free from it so you can bless other. I fear no demon nor am i worry about them. Nor am i challing them in any way. I simply know who can rebuke them in an instant and abide in Him. OUR LORD IS LORD. OUR GOD IS GOD not some created rebelious fallen angel.

Jude 1:9 (New International Version)
9But even the archangel Michael, when he was disputing with the devil about the body of Moses, did not dare to bring a slanderous accusation against him, but said, "The Lord rebuke you!"

Instead of yelling at them or fighting them with human strength, we need to learn from the word.

If you smell, hear or see them immediately say: "The Lord rebuke you!" before going to sleep pray and ask God for peaceful leep. Abide in the word and walk in holiness.
I just don't know what God wants of me. Last night I tossed and turned. It's like God does not hear my prayers right now, I am just torn over this.

I have been memorizing scripture HEB 6;9 "Which hope we have as an anchor to the soul, both sure and steadfast, which enereth into that within the veil."

and many more.....I feel like giving up,(I won't but I feel that way).

Ask God for me, what he wants me to do,
thank you

David, I re-read this this morning So much wisdom that you have.


I can't sleep, a small attack, but the Lord my God is in charge.


Pray for me, I'm going to a service Saturday night, and I've been fasting,


Prasie God!

that happened to me; where there were nights when this invisible thing attacked me and I could not move or talk. if iwas fighting theat thing, its screams got louder and intense. i couldnt say the lords name out in my dream. I saw my self from the outside .Untill i woke up.
You know, the Bible says these tribulations, happen to other Christians too.

I read a booklet ( I HIGHLY recommened it).written by John Olsteen (not Joel).

Here is a quote 'No words can describe the torment I felt while there" later.."It almost seemed like a physical thing"

So here is this pastor, living a Godly life, and being attacked, his description was so vivid, I could have wrote it. It seemed like the same thing I went through.

Booklet Name"Pulling Down Strongholds"
ISBN# 0-912631-07-4
author John Osteen

This small booklet really opened my eyes to spriritual warfare, that I'm still going through.
But the victory is ours.
Let's keep praying for each others...(I found some booklets on eBay, it might be out of print)

THANK YOU, very good verses to stand on.
Dearest Sister, it is best that you dont accompany your friend to these types of situations, as it is scary; but the Adversary can only work on our fears, and read our expressions only
the evil ones cannot read out thoughts, ONLY GOD can, it is what we speak w our\ mouths that holds power over life & death ; so to speak;
Yes Ive had many dreams, visions, and you did right by rebuking the bad one; it is not advisable to even speak his name as it makes him attentive, I wouldnt call him intentionally, But I know God does, & will answer prayers , Gods answered many of my own, and yes these dreams can be frightening, Ive experienced some , but God is the Almighty creator of all things, and He will Always win over the Adversary, I wil keep you & your friend in my prayers fo strengh and fortitude Dearest lil sister,
Be Blest & at peace, God is with you Always,

Not sure of dates, looks like over a year ago -  of replies.  Being new on this site, I'm way off the time schedule of events.  I'd like to offer an old fashioned, but true Word about the power of the Blood of Jesus. 


Demons shirk and shudder, fearfully,  when they encounter Jesus as seen in the N. T. 

 Since The Cross, we have the power of Jesus's shed blood to claim our victory and freedom from any and all lies that a demon's presence can frighten us with.  Claim in a big voice or even a little voice, but a determined voice, something to this effect:   "Demon, go back where you came from,  in the name of Jesus and in the power of His shed blood that's covering me.  -I am covered by His blood.   You cannot harm me, Go in the Name of Jesus and never come back."   You may want to mutter or continue to say and confirm to yourself:   I am washed by His blood, bought with a price, and I am safe and secure in Him.   Don't be afraid for spirits to hear you make your claims.  I do that often, and just go about my business.    At times, I may say out loud,  "Jesus is my Lord and Master and I am not afraid of any demon.   If there is any problem with me, take it up with Jesus, Jesus owns me now, I am His property.   No evil can come near me, I am safe with Christ.   I am safe and hidden in Christ Who is in God."   (Psalms 91 comes to mind, so much help to me, I read it often even though it was before the Cross, it's God's Words, Jesus Christ (The Word) was with God at the beginning.   They (Holy Trinity) planned events together, so whether spoken early on or later, they always had the future in mind.   His Words never lose their power.   Just keep confirming every promise that you can remember or find in the Scriptures.   

When I was a young bride, and my husband was away, I would take a broom , go around a room in our little new home, with the sweeping motion, saying something like, "I'm sweeping you out of my house, I am not afraid because "Perfect Love Casts out All Fear" and I've got all His Love with me."   it's good also to look up certain promises and quote word for word what God said and state the location of His Word.  After all, it's only in His Words, His ever living Words,  where we find the power to overcome this life and live in peace.  Jesus quoted the Old Testament Words when tempted by the devil those 3 times, then the devil left him for a season.  (With us, we trust demons leave us alone for a long season, Ha.)  We have the full gospel now with us to throw in the devil's face......let him chew on that for awhile.   Double-dog dare him.  He's supposed to "get behind us", anyway. 


He's a liar, a cheat, comes to steal and kill.  We know his game and we do not have to entertain him one minute.....tell him to go....for good!  Oh, the blood of Jesus, it washes white as snow and faith in the value of His Precious Blood keeps us emotionally strong, healthy and moving on without fear!  Lean on your true Christian friends who love you.  But beware, make sure their advice lines up with what you believe is true.   Keep loving and supporting your husband, even when you think he's wrong.  There's a lot to learn and prayer is the best path to take.  Even when you come to a point you think you may not love him any more, that's where true and deep love begins to sprout.  Take time!  And in Christ your love will grow deep roots to hold you.   Husband  needs your respect and loving feedback that he is the kind of man who can make you happy and take good care of you.  Of course, He is to love you so much he is willing to give up his life for you, as Jesus did for His Church.   You and family really should take priority over much of the "important" work he does for God.  Don't hesitate to talk to a very good pastor-counselor about any marital problems you see developing.  Wish you had Pastor Robert Morris, here in the Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX area to stay in contact with.  I've heard many of his relationship teachings and he's the best I've ever heard, so practical and truthful.   Take caution though, with just any pastor.  Many don't have good skills for Christian counseling.  God bless you greatly.      KEEP  IT  SIMPLE and truthful.

Love you,



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