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I am sure most have heard it or what not but what does this scripture mean to you.
Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added to you.

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Am very much blessed by God via you people.God bless you and lengthen your dys here on earth.Your doing a very good job.To me i repeat that you have really blessed me this morning.Amen.I am for God and i am for you also.Good day.Blessings.......and thanks a lot.
this one hit the nail on the head so to speak, scripture in context to put it in todays every day language, it means God speaks to us. ( our problem is often we are not listening ) when we do listen and hear our response should be yes! Lord. (but we reason we could never do "whatever" God will let us know where or what he want's us to do, but not always at once as we couldn't handle it all, God said to abraham "GO" Abraham could have reasoned but -but -but where, he didn't and look what God did, God wants us to be like Peter get out of the boat and walk on the water, the story of Peter doing this is literal, but it doesn't mean all christians are to go water walking what it does mean is when God speaks to us we say yes and wait for Gods timing as he will prepare us, in my life when i was about 2 yrs.. old in the Lord he let me know i would be going overseas as a missionary i wanted to go right then short version of a long story God put the breaks on {the real important aspect is Gods timing, it took 13 yrs. for God to get me ready part of the preparation was bible collage basically i had a grade 3 level education i was put from gr.3 to gr.5 missed 4 pushed from 5 to 6 from 6 to 7 did 7 3x never passed put into 8, out of 8 to 9 did 3/4 of the yr. no marks put into 10 did 1/2 yr. swore at the teacher end of school. only thing i read was the news paper if a word was 6 letters or more skip it or if i didn't understand it, just forget it. now God is speaking to me ( many don't believe God speaks audibly but he does, he also speaks many different ways, are we listening? ) at this point in time I have a wife ( still do ) and 3 children and one on the way, God says go to prairie bible collage near Calgary in Alberta i live in southern ontario, i work in a inner city mission making $6. hr. enough to pay rent and put food on the table. people (christians) thought i was crazy, lets see no education, i was a alcoholic for years until i came to know Jesus as my Lord and savour, and he told me audibly to pour my alcohol
down the sink i dumped out about $100. he set me free even the urge to drink is gone that was 1980 and it is still gone , i would have no job, therefore no money and a few other strikes against me, to shorten this we gave away everything we owned except personal stuff filled the back seat of our v w rabbit my oldest son and i drove out to 3 hills Ab. deb and the others including the new born flew out, the 5 yrs. cost about $50,000.00 God did one miracle after another, he restored my mind, and we left collage with a B.R.E. degree not owing a penny, oh by the way collage for me it was very difficult. but i never failed a corse, glory to the Holy Spirit. one other thing i had to face before going overseas to Albania was have a person pull a gun and a knife on me telling me to push the button of the 2 nd. door so he could go upstairs and murder a person and if i did not he would murder me and go do what he intended to do God gave me a peace that surpasses all understanding i stood and shared the love of Jesus 4 10 min. there was a another staff member who i thought had gone home he came to the back of the office i walked over to him and told him to go call the police he did and they came and took the fellow away. when i got to Albania God sent me to a group of hard core muslims they wanted to kill me as i was a infidel i had no fear and God did many miracles, to sum up when God speaks, forget yourself, say yes, wait for his timing, and if it cost you everything fear not God is able and will provide!
I read this scripture and the revelation that i got from the Lord is that if i seek him through being righteous then i have the right to go to him and ask for whatever i want in his name and i shall receive. It means i shouldn't worry about the things of this world and worry about the things of the spirit and he will provide for the body. God knows what we need before we can ask him ,so show up when he calls you and he will show off with your life.


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