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What does it mean to be hungery I mean really hungry for Jesus? Well 
to be hungry for Jesus means to give it your all not to hold 
anything back and just trust Jesus with everything. You see Jesus 
said "Blessed are those who thirst and hunger for righteousness." 
You see when we get that hungery for Jesus thats all we want is 
Jesus. Jesus said "Seek ye first the kingdom of God." We must forst 
seek out the kingdom of then everything else will fall into place in 
right order. I was once told at a church retreat what ASK stands for 
it means Ask and and it will be given to you Seek and you will find 
Knock and the door will be opened. You see thats exactly what Jesus 
wants us to do is ask seek knock. But when we get really jhungry for 
Jesus we will say two things "Daddy sit wjhere you want:" and "Show 
me thy glory." You see when we get this hungry all we want to do is 
just hang out and seek the savior. Jesus is never lost but HE does 
hide HIS face from us untill we seek it. HE doesnt want us to seek 
HIS hands anymore. When we only seek HIS hands we miss out on the 
blessings HE has for us. God oves us too much for us to sit back and 
just say "Well i know Jesus and thats enough for me." Jesus wants 
our all. HE wants everything from us. HE wants our hearts, minds, 
souls, spirits and bodys. Untill we get this hungry for Jesus we 
will never see many blessings in our lifes. King David wrote "My 
soule runs hard after thee." Thats what we must make our soul do is 
have it run hard after Jesus. 

Prayer : Dear jesus forgive me for being a sunday christian and only 
wanting you on sunday morning. I want more than juest a taste of you 
on sunday. I want you every day. jesus Shoe me thy glowry. Jesus 
come sit where you want. i need you Jesus. In Jesus name amen.

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