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I am a christian and I have a fiance that was brought up as a Jehovah witness which is suppose to be categorize as Christianity also, but I know they believe in some things that are different then what I know is true. I told him the difference but since he give up in that religion he wouldn't join a normal christian church with me. He feels as if, if he joins another religion he would be sinning because the teachings are different; though they both Christians and Jehovah witness believe in God and Jesus. I understand how he feels because I was learning about Messianic Judaism ( which is Christians and Jews combined) and was thinking about joining but was not going to take a risk. I want to know is it wrong to go to another Christianity church if they believe in God, Jesus and everything that was said in the bible?

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Hi Edwin,
I think that I have told this story before, but it is worth repeating.

Shortly after I came to know Jesus as Lord who died for the sins of all mankind, that I by believing and trusting Him and the sacrifice He made on my behalf, had become born again.

We lived in a small community and everyone battled to come to terms with my sudden change in life and outlook. Their comments were basicly "Anyone else, Yes...... But not Ron Payne!

Because of my ignorance, I thought that every one who went to church regularly, would also be "Saved" - Born Again..

About 3 weeks later a Roman Catholic Priest walked by where I was working. I went up to him and with all the joy in my heart that my New Discovery had given me, I thought that both he and I could do a little celebration "Jig" together, at the wonderful news I had. "Father", I said. "I have been born again, I am Saved."
This Priest, stood back looked at me and said: "Ridiculous.. That is nonsense. You are commiting a sin of assumption. No one but God will know whether you will be saved after you have died. You are assuming something that is impossible for anyone to know, until they stand before God in Judgment."

I felt that I could not argue with a Priest and simply said: "Yes father".

But no sooner had he walked away, when God came through with such clarity and strength, telling me. "Remember how clearly I spoke to you, after Pastor Allan had told you that "Whosoever shall come to me, I will in no wise cast out" and as the devil argued back during the prayer, telling you that you can't believe all this, and My reply to you was: "I am a God that cannot lie."

Again my brother just as I did at that prayer, I literally jumped for joy saying: "Yes Lord, YES! I am your child and Jesus did die for me. I believe this because God is a God who cannot lie." T-H-A-N-K-Y-O-U JESUS!

Edwin as I sit here reading this last portion, my heart leaps for Joy as it did then, I don't mind telling everyone here, that at this moment I am crying again, just as I did that day, not in remorse as I did then, but JOY!.

Roman Catholicism with it's Mariology and all it's child abusing priests, is proving itself to be orchestrated by the devil himself.

You Brother in Christ

The Lord continue to bless you Linda and I can see that you have been at the New Wine again.

The wonderful thing about the Lord impressing a truth into your life almost verbally. I never knew scripture then, But as I knelt there, those words came to me as clear as these typed words:
"I am a God that Cannot lie" After that the devil/demon just shut up with his accusations, and never said another word. He had no answers to that. Praise God.

Lotsa Blessings
Your friend - Ron (off to have a taste myself)
Its Your heart that shall responded too by Our Wonderful *LORD*, as You receive from the Word daily,thats why we must trust *His* character to be faithful to us in *His time and way.Remember Job!.
The *Saviour* *JESUS* on that Terrible cross is our surety of *GODS* perfect Love..
A congregation never saved anyone but receiving the* Word in the Spirit *Matt 10.41;from whoever and responding aright is SALVATION IN ITSELF as it is *GOD* A *SPIRIT* who works to will and to do of *His* good pleasure creating *Christ in You beloved..
This is not a quick fix situation, this is a walk with a Magnanimous Perfect Gentle Gracious Merciful *FATHER* REVEALED THROUGH *JESUS THE WORD* BY THE EPITOME OF HUMILITY,THE *HOLY GHOST*.
WHOSE INFINITE UDERSTANDING IS ABLE TO MAKE THE WEAKEST OF US TO STAND AS WE GIVE OUR *LORD* TIME IN THE WORD AND PRAYER resisting the devil who is good at his job as a sheepdog.(Never tempted above that we are able is a promise!)
Tell *Father* You trust *Him* and shall walk with *Them* thankful for the amazing Grace to do so.
Ask to be filled continually as it is not a once done thing being filled as we soon quench *Him* in this selfish climate we are surrounded by, but a penitent heart is soon filled again Matt 5.4.
The earnest of the Spirit (different from being filled) shall never leave a babe in *Christ* but ichabod is a reality to the continuously defiant or self pitying soul(root of bitterness).
So in conclusion ;Yes walk with the wise but there is only one *Saviour* *CHRIST JESUS*.
And *He* has *His* faithful few who shall welcome You in fellowship, (wrestlings and all).X Ed.


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