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Saw a clip of a video last night where it was said that there is nothing we can do that will make God love us less.   I've also heard that said.    Where, exactly, in the bible does it say that?  I know there are references throughout regarding God's love for all ....... but where is that one?

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It is not stated as such in the Bible anywhere that I am aware of. The concept comes from the understanding of Agape love, which is complete and unconditional. The problem is that people often trust solely in God's love and assume that His love alone will save them. This is not true. Love is one of God's recognizable attributes. He is also holy, just and righteous, to name a few. His love does not override His holiness, justice or righteousness. That is why Jesus had to die as the substitutionary sacrifice in our place that we may be forgiven and redeemed by  blood. To take this a step further, God's love is not an emotion that ebbs and flows as many view love in humanity, but rather is a state of being. The Bible says God IS love. Therefore, His love flows naturally because it is Who He is, not simply He does.


Food for thought and hope that helps.


Lord Bless,


Right, LT.  We can do nothing to make GOD love us less, but we can do things that make Him angry.  Maybe you have to be a parent to understand that.  We can also effectively exclude ourselves from GOD's Love.  He still loves us, but we don't experience it.  That's Hell.  I've known Reformed pastors who say that GOD does not love reprobates.  I'm not sure that I can get my head around that. 

Interesting piece. I like his point on Contra-Conditional Love; I have not heard that stated this way before.

Me too, the idea is old but the term is new to me. :-)
Beautiful and amazing love! Now, I can rest. And at the same time, I can change... :-)

John 3:16 says it all about God's love for us. I don't think we have that kind of love...sending our only child to die for another. That is an awesome love. That is a love that can't be turned off and on. That is Grace.

Judgment will be by Jesus at the White Throne. If that is the case, why would God get angry with us? Believers won't be at the White Throne Judgment...only those who don't accept Christ as Savior.

If a believer doesn't experience God's love in his life, it is because that believer is not seeing God for Who He really is. We have the idea that believing in Christ is the ultimate decision which it is...then we have to believe the rest of the gospel to have the peace that comes with being a child of God. We need to apply the information found in the rest of the New Testament to our relationship with God to be able to grow in Him.





I love how this topic is going.Let me add this.

As a father, I love my childeren. No matter what they have done or will do I will always love them. When they mess up I dicipline them, and forgive them. Thats me as a human. I could never condem them to an eternity of damnation. That also is me as a human.

With that said:

I have a realhard time with the concept of hell and eternal damnation. I believe it, but struggel with it.

Part of me wants to think, "If I as a human father could not condem my child, how could God,who is the perfect father do so?" I know that He will, but my little brain can't seem to wrap itself around that concept.

I wan't to believe that at the very last moment of life God would reveal himself to his child and the child would repent. I know that is wishfull thinking. I have shed many tears over this issue.

Just my two cents worth. Thank you for all the wonderful feedback guys and gals.

God bless.


Maybe it will help to understand that it's all about having GOD or not having Him.  There is no Heaven apart from GOD himself.  When you get saved, you get GOD.  He can offer no meaningful blessings apart from himself.  He reconciled himself to us so that He could give himself to us.  But GOD's primary characteristic is Humility.  Those who refuse to humble themselves (or to let GOD humble them) will not be able to receive GOD.  I think it's a mistake to think of hell as literal burning because that obscures the terribly important idea that hell is eternal separation from GOD.

Thank you, Amanda.  I consider it a substantial blessing that you noticed I was missing.  I nearly didn't survive the winter.  I was very, very ill.  But I'm much better now.  Thanks be to GOD.


I know the kind of darkness that hell is.  I once was there.  But Christ delivered me out of the kingdom of darkness, into His Kingdom of Light.  Hallelujah!


In thinking about hell, I remember that at the end of all things, "GOD will be All in all"  He is even in hell, and those who hate GOD will experience his overpowering presence as torment, and darkness, even though GOD is Love and Light.  "Our GOD is a Consuming Fire".  To those who hate Him, He burns.  To those who love Him, He purifies like a refiners fire, and changes them into complete Love that can behold and enjoy Love.

I know this is an older post and Audrey is no longer a member here, but I'm sure that I don't have a correct understanding of God's love. I know we can't make God love us more or less than the love He already has for us, because His attributes never change but how can we understand His unchanging attributes? I mean it looks like God does have more love for some than for others, such as His children versus the wicked. But at one time all were lost. Did His love increase more for someone after the lost person became found? Or is it about His unchanging attributes? The person moves out of His wrath and into His love?


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