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Hello Everyone,

I know it has been a while since I last posted, however, I have been real busy with my ministry studies and my career. I am a web designer and I have taken on several small projects that have been keeping me busy. This past week I was posed a question about my projects and this person was wondering why I have done a website based on my ministry  studies or some sort of resource website. Well, then it clicked. I began developing a website dedicated to women providing resources they can look through to find answers they need. The site isn't up yet, it's still in the works. I just wanted all of you wonderful people to know I was still hanging in there. I spent some time praying on the idea, and I was talking with my mother, and she asked how my studies were going, I have applied to a Bible University and I await their acceptance. I was doing some research on some issues of my own and as I did this research God gently guided me to my answers. So therefore with His guidance, I started to research and gather the necessary information. I have tons of web links that I visit quite often and thought I might be a good idea to compile these links for resources for a website. So therefore, I am well on my way to another project for my business, but this one is on a level I thought I would never experience. I am already fulfilled with gratification in these early stages of development. When the site goes public I will post the link to it and I would love to hear what everyone thinks. All for the Glory of God our Father.


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