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sometimes in life we come to a point where we must question. Question what we think we know Question what we feel even question our feelings. Then there is something called womens intuition. That feeling you get in your stomach that feels like you just went on a small roller coaster or ate something that didn't agree with you. That tiny voice behind our subconcious but before the place the lord lives. This is the place that tells you if your boyfriend is cheating, if the child isn't yours. Even when the doctor is about to give you bad news. But every now and then this place becomes unreliable it becomes questionable within itself. The things it tells you the are often so unfathamable its crazy. Recently my little place has been talking to me but im not entirly sure its that place or another. I have been with my boyfriend for almost 2 months. Before we got together he would wait for me at my car everyday after work. He would come see me at work every day (not a stalker we work in the same mall different stores) (which he still dose). But once we started dating never anything bad or nasty but small kisses and he gives the best hugs that could cheer you up on your worst day. Now that we have been together for awhile and the playoffs are going on for all you women with men who love basketball. We both work a minimum of 50 hours a week him closer to 65. He also has a younger brother and a family that he is very close to while im from a smaller not as close family. I like to go to the gym at night he goes to sleep @ 11 to get up for work @ 7am. so yes I would say we only have limited time to see each other anyway. This disfunctional part about our relationship is im the one thats saved who is into doing... worldy things more then him. He seems to not even care whether they happen or not or at all in general. When he dose have days where he can go out he never makes plans with me I always have to say something to do. Or start the activity he will nevre suggest to do anything on his own. The sweet loving guy I started dating has disappeared and yes his family knows we are together or so he says but I cant be sure sense we haven't met the family's yet. We are also no listed as together on facebook which isnt the end of the world he only gets on every 2 months anyway but i guess in my head it would be nice to acknowledged in front of all of our friends so... Ladies am I being too picky am I missing out on a great guy being annoying about the small things or is he showing me he isnt really interested? I told him I didnt just want a bf at work and sense then with timing we havent been able to get together. Men am I being mean he dose have a good job his own place and I could possibly see a future with him but just not sure. I want to be with some1 who wants to spend time with me some1 who wants to be with me. I would greatly appreciate any and all advice on this subject. Thankyou for you time and you input.

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This happens so many times but when someone has listening ear to God's word,the problem is being solved.I pray that God will help you out.


I think you are rushing things. You are saying *the sweet loving guy I started dating has disappeared*. Maybe he was never there in the first place. Maybe you are attracted to a person that really doesn't exist, but to someone you wanted him to be. Is this really someone you REALLY want to spend the rest of your life with? I think you need to give this relationship time to either grow or melt away.




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