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I found this video today and really enjoyed it. I think brother Paul is very instructive in this important commission we been given to accomplish.


I pray you enjoy it as much as I did. 


Share some stories dealing with evangelism and how to be effective in it.

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Great video! Thank you, thank you!

Maybe Christians don't witness, because they think it involves long theological discussions, and they are not prepared to do that. But the job of a 'witness' is to say, "This is what I believe, and why I believe it." The job of a witness is not to convince. That is the Attorneys job, i.e. the Spirit. Just say the truth in love. That, every Christian can do. Even me!

And if you set Christ as Lord of your life, you will have people coming up to you, and asking, "Why are you so happy? Why are you always so nice to people?" Seriously! When you are filled with the Spirit, you are filled with Living Water, and believe me, the world is thirsty! They want what we have.

But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect,

1 Peter 3:15 (NIV)

Good words (video).

Thanks for sharing.

Lord Bless,

more videos on paul washers sermon can be found on ( bible study space) he is totally devoted to taking the gospel to remote areas.. hope you find this site helpful .....
Thank you Delores.
I remembered our brother Ron started a similar discussion a while back. I suggest those interested in this topic should check it out.

The name of that discussion was: HOW DO I SHARE MY FAITH WITHOUT AN ARGUMENT?

Below is how I answered His question.


We must keep the goal in mind at all times, the goal being:

1. Bringing Glory to God is Priority. Shining for Him. Being the light and the salt that preserves the truth and seasons the world with Love is essential.

2. Always pray before approaching someone. Ask God to prepare the heart of the person(s).

3. Keep focus - we are not there to argue, we are there to share the Love of God. EVERY TIME the enemy, the flesh wants to get your focus elsewhere, quickly revert back to the goal.


A coworker approaches you at lunch time and starts a conversation about God or the Holy Spirit tells you to share your faith with a person(s) regardless of the place (if at work do it in the allowed times and appropriate settings) you find yourself. If the conversation gets going and the person wants to ask you questions in regards to doctrines, lovingly and politely guide the conversation back to the Gospel. Don’t get caught up arguing doctrinal points when the person is not even saved. USE DISCERNMENT AND BE WISE. We are called to give an answer for our hope in Christ, so if you through practice know how to answered questions appropriately and even use the answers to get the conversation back to the focus/goal, then by all means go for it.


4. Rely heavily on discernment of the situation and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. If the Spirit tells you to be gentle with a person or be more bold with another, than simply follow that leading.

5. Be like Paul; to everyone be all things without sinning. In other word approach people (follow the leading of the Holy Spirit Primarily) with friendly conversation and go from there.
6. If you are attack or our faith is attack, do not argue and give a bad testimony, instead continue to love and KNOW THAT SOME PEOPLE WILL INSULT US FOR SHARIN OUR FAITH AND DO NOT LOOSE HEART BECAUSE OF IT. You have done as our Lord has commanded you and the seed has been planted.

7. God gives the increase – don’t become frustrated if we do not see the person(s) getting it. We can have the best of expositions, but God through the Work of the Holy Spirit must be the one piercing their hearts and not our tongue bashing. Do however present the Gospel accurately by calling people to repentance.

8. Whenever (i know this is not realistic unless you are out evangelizing with others) possible have another believer with you to assist in the process. The Lord sent them out in pairs. When we go out evangelizing, which we do once a week, I always pair up with someone who is new at this command and jump in when I see things turning sour. If they are doing great, i pray that the Holy Spirit can work on the hearers heart and the word be planted in good soil.

Be blessed and a blessing family
Hi Brother D,

Well to me its not of How we do it, but more of Trust to do it..does that make sense?

When I evangelize I pray first and I ask God for the strength and the courage to go forth and speak to the person who is just there that is calling out for our Loving Savior Jesus Christ.

I allow God to lead me to the people and wherever I go, I go with all my heart remembering that mine is just as delicate as theirs.

I totally get what Paul is talking about here with the whole approaching people "normally" cuz if not, i believe it is safe to say that people would just be turned off by you and look at you as a person who is out to convert rather than care about their story first or get to know them.

What I do is exactly what Paul does start off with questions simple ones first

"how are you?" "How is your day?" "Any amazing plans?" "Did you do anything cool today?" "Have you ever...." "Hey you have (blank) I have one just like that....what other things do you like?"

Pray for understanding through all of this

Search for similarities

If you get the indication to dive deeper then get deeper

"What inspires you?" "Why are you here?" "What are your goals/dreams/aspirations?" "Is the career that you look forward to one that you want to pursue?" "How is life treating you?"

Then when it gets deep

draw back for a minute think about where you are trying to go with the conversation what is your plan? Always be ready for the next outcome cuz it may very well be close to the end of your job here

At this time I go back to the beginning and I ask the person how are they feeling now after having talked to me with the input of the Holy Spirit.

Depending on this case I create the plan and I ask God for the knowledge that is needed from HIS own words to speak out to the person.

God is so good He blasts me away at this point and I just let it all go for him to take full control

Since I tend to think to myself a lot .... I tend to study the person I apply all the social conditions that can related to that person

in my head thoughts run like a list "college student, young, mature,short, kind, determined, loves the water, nature person, large family, socially active, humble, too caring, ..................................."

I think of all possible qualities of a person and I draw on that can say I am trying to get a feel for their "shoes"

After this I pray in my head and I ask God for the wisdom to know what is right to do next

Sometimes its end now and other times I end up talking and talking for so long until the person is left with deep thoughts about life and being alive and knowing Jesus as their savior who died on the cross to take away their sin all sins to the point where all they have left is to do good be good always living in the light covered by grace and flooded by the blood of Christ for all past present and future sins.

I preach the good news of course but by the Power of the Holy Spirit He speaks through me if that makes sense I kind of go through like a state of "preacher mode" but it matches the persons life so to speak

Essentially I just allow God to take over me and I pray that all that I do is done righteously and lovingly not terrifying or scary.

I also ask the person if I can share some word with them from the Bible, since most of the time the people I come across are busy students or whatever else I tell them to check out John as well. I encourage the to dive deeper into the Bible and I say its the best book ever if feeds you lol

Sometimes I give my email to the person so that I can follow up or I tell them to join this site.

When I know that the conversation is just about to end I ask God whether or not I should ask to pray with the person before I let them go..most of the time I say a silent prayer for them and I bless them with a wish to come to know Jesus Christ and to learn to live in the light.

After I finish talking to a person I thank God and I thank the Holy Spirit and I remind myself How much I love Jesus for saving me and for allowing me to live a good life for the Glory of God.

I believe Evangelism takes time to develop though unless God grants you everything to know what to do right away without hesitation, but even there to move quickly is risky so taking the time is best and recommended...doing it takes practice and learning from your own experience in God...... every person has a unique way with the Holy Spirit guiding and your appearance is all the more effect unfortunately.

For example no offense to anyone but since I am a young petite person who is Asian I am labeled as many many things when I approach people..... some think I am just a "cute, innocent, naive, young, adorable, smart Asian girl" others think I am "high maintenance, spoiled, and just too young for the things that I speak of" .... with my own family I can get a bit passionate and off the wall hahah....... only when I start to preach and stuff lol. My parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, and cousins always tell me to calm down and stop preaching and I go "I am not preaching I am just telling you the truth." I am tough on my family members since they know me best well that is what I like to think lol.....thanks to my family members I have learned to be patient with the love of God to work within my is painful for me to watch as the enemy tries to steer them off but I tell my family to walk in the light and to do away with evil at once but truly they say they are not perfect and they are working on it...ughhhhhhh anywhoo I trust in the Lord that in his timing everything will be just fine I pray for family every day every moment they believe in Jesus and they have been baptized with the Holy Spirit since he himself speaks to my family members when I am with them.......Interesting now that I think about it I have been baptized with the Holy spirit since I was 4 only have I been Chosen to be a servant of God since February 2010... I am obedient and faithful fearing the Lord.....My family know that I come in all peace and lovingness ahah......With "friends" depending on the type of friends I am with its all a different experience I put my trust in Jesus always and in cases where the light must shine piercingly in their lives I call on the Holy Spirit to fully take over and do it its like the words just flow from my mouth out of my Heart filled with love from God.

I make sure that all is done in compassion for I do care about those who are perishing and like I said earlier I approach knowing that both our lives are delicate and one fall can break it all. Thanks be to God though he is always there to raise us up together.

My trust in God and faith in Jesus is how it is done for me. I speak in ways that specifically caters to the persons deepest desires in their hearts for the love of God. I make sure my words are kind and loving. I make sure that my own life is in check so that I am not hypocritical. I analyze myself first and make sure all is goody for the Glory of God.

You can say I speak in the persons language (tongues) to draw them closer to God. To elaborate you can say that God has granted me the gift to see the inner being of a person and the ability to speak to them in the way that will captivate their heart with the truth of their need for our Lord Savior Jesus Christ Amen.

Aites that is part of my life with Evangelism flowing from the heart hope you are blessed by it and that your life becomes enlightened from what I have shared

I pray that God is seen in all that I have written :) <3

God bless all who read this :) <3

-your shorty

p.s. I did enjoy this He is admirable and very knowledgeable I def see the Holy Spirit well and alive in HIM. If only he had a little more touch of sugar then bam even more awesomeness. I trust that he is a loving guy though with passion like me :) <3 I like him a lot and he cracks me up in the right times .......tho its is not a laughing matter overall because lives are on the line.

Hit me up for further details and know that God is the one working through me I lower myself for the Glory of God and for Jesus Christ to live in me.

God bless you all

This is effective thank you Brother D! keep the discussions coming
Cool vid bro

You are right honor HIM and follow HIS great commandment now which is to only LOVE for God is love and if you are in him and he is in you and you are of God and you are light and you are to be his Child then you are love you are light you are true noble right just and admirable for acknowledging your Lord Savior Jesus Christ. Live in Jesus live in love live in God have life for eternity and be the light of the world for others to believe in Christ living in you. Amen.

If you are not love you are hate and you belong not to God but to another place where you belong for you are to be judged.

Repent be forgiven to love and be HIS children of the light living in Christ for Glory of God.
Praise and worship the Lord and know that HE is your Father.
Lord God Almighty is HOLY indeed and He is just and He is good

All Glory to God in the Highest and peace to his people on Earth.

Thank Brother D

I love you in Christ,
Your Shorty


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