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Ok....Here we go....I am not a  biblical scholar.  I am not a prophet.  I can tell you this...I believe in god....and jesus....I believe we are living in the end of days.  There are some who say the anti christ is of the tribe of Dan. There are some who say the anti christ is of the breakup of the Grecian Empire.  There are some who say the anti christ is a jew;  There are some who say the anit christ will be Assyrian. 


The seems to me....the antichrist will be all of those things....if you do the math...he would come from modern day all of those meet the qualifications.  The anti-christ will fool even the most elect....he will convince the jews is the messiah yet to come( for those who dont believe jesus isnt).  Example...the antichrist will pretend to be Jesus.....will Jews believe it if he is a non jew from say....iran...iraq...possibley.....but...the bible clearly states its geographical locations....and if the jews dont believe can he succeed?? 


Not the best typist I admit...but Assyrian, from one of the broken horns of the Grecian empire....of the Tribe of Dan....will decieve the the Antichrist...will devieve the Jews....


How about an antichrist who fits all of those qualifications......from somewhere in Israel...who also fits all of those qualifications.????



If the jews dont accept him he will not succeed!!!

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You've got two threads going on the same topic, Templar. As an alternative, how about a real, serious discussion of eschatology. The topic you've got going here doesn't help the Bride of Christ, and it's exactly the kind of end-times talk that the enemies of the Bride love to ridicule.


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